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Share photos of your dapper Mr. Foster and his human friends. Is he travelling? We're collecting photos of all the places he's visited.

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Thanks, gjuys. She was fun to do, and I hear she was quite popular at the auction, as well.
Then, congratulations are in order!
OMG I love the glasses. Great job!
I love her and her little knitting project!!
Barb - You are going to keep posting the pics of him, aren't you (I hope, I hope)? And you are so right about when two little monkeys or more get together, but what fun it would be!
I'll post whatever he sends. I'm on DH's comp now, he took my laptop to Ohio with him, so I can't upload the last pic yet. I'll be glad to get my laptop back! And DH too!!
Where about in Ohio is your DH? I got home last night from southwest Oh, in fact not far from where the statue caught on fire. The weather was awful down there, and isn't any better in NW Oh. HOT and humid - yuk! I don't blame you for wanting your laptop back, or your DH either - lol. Looking forward to seeing more pics of your GI Monkey.
He's in Dayton, AGAIN!! He no sooner got home from clearing out his Mom's apt. and getting stuff into storage than the nursing center decided she could move into the assisted living area. So he left today to go move what little will fit into the new apt. Not much of an apt. basically a 14x14 room that's about half taken up with a HC bath and kitchenette. He says there's room for a single bed, love seat and a dresser/TV stand. Poor guy, he's been off work since May 3 and has spent most of it in Ohio! He won't be home until the middle of next week. At least this time he didn't take my car or computer!
Then he wasn't far from all the storms a week ago Monday either. Poor guy, usually May in Ohio is really nice, unfortunately not this past May, nor June.

I can sympathize with you on trying to move things into a small assisted living apt. It's not easy. We had to do this with my mom and step-dad almost 4 years ago. They went from a huge 5 bedroom house to a 1 bedroom tiny assisted living apt. It took my 4 sisters and me a very long time to get the house cleared out. Believe it or not, my mom likes where she is now.

I think you, Foster, Monty and Chloe need to make him a special dessert when he gets home. Maybe Banana's Foster???

ps. don't forget GI Monkey's newest pictures.
He is to cute..... I bet they love him
Carmen Banana celebrates Independence Day!

Ooops! It looks like my photo didn't appear! I'll try again...


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