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You lift the "bar" that is between two stitches up onto your left needle, then knit it as if it were a stitch, making sure to twist the stitch to keep the hole below this increase as small as possible. It is essentially creating a yarn over on the row below. But, since you didn't make a yarn over on the row below, the strand between the stitches that you're working with is shorter and therefore there is less of a gap created below the increase - a little tidier than using a regular yarn over.

The tutorial Susan linked to is for a "bar" increase, which I think is different from a "lifted bar" increase - it gets confusing because most increase types can be referred to by a number of different names. The reality - you can use whichever type of increase you like best. The "bar" increase will leave a little purl bump on the stockinette side of your fabric. The "lifted bar" increase will create a little hole in the stockinette fabric. Your choice which one you like better. Unfortunately, I haven't found an increase method that I love, but I find that in most cases, for me at least, the "lifted bar" method is least obtrusive.
Thanks Tina, I found one that told my to knit in the front and then in the back of the stitch. I have done this before and it turned out great. I am off and knitting.

Is this the increase in EZ's book, Knitting without Tears? I have the book, but is in Arizona and I am in Pennsylvania trying to make a sock monkey, and I have never made sox's. Is it lifted from front to back or back to front? I remember you are to knit into the back of the stitch (I think).
Hi Lillian
go HERE and scroll down to M1R and M1L. There is a video tutorial for english & continental knitters. This should help jar your memory! :)
Hi Susan,
Thank you!
I have been knitting for a number of years, but... I am having trouble with the cast on and knit into each loop
it just doesnt look right. any chance I could get a photo of this showing the loops I knit into and what it looks like on the needles to know if I am doing this right . How can something so simple, stimie the start of Mr. Foster. Eager to get knitting.
Thanks meaea09 mary e andrews
I just casted on the 4 by use a double pointed needle, then knitted those 4 stitches. then turned it (upside down) so that the original cast on loops were on the top of the needle and then knit into those 4 original cast on loops. Seemed weird to me too, so it looks like 2 rows of 4 stitches (side by side). It is the closed end of the arm or the beginning of the hand. Once I got done with all the increases, I transferred it onto a circular. I am doing the magic loop technique for the rest of the arm. Also if you go to the top of the page and go into the LEARN tab, they have great tutorials on how to do all this stuff. It's great!
Hope this made some since.
I just finished the right leg last night and now am unclear on how to connect that one to the other one. Do you just slide the other leg onto the needle and continue knitting? I'm pretty much a novice knitter so appreciate any yelp I can get! Thanks, Joyce
Joyce: I don't have the pattern yet, but I'm guessing it will be like doing leggings. You do each leg, and then connect them by knitting the fronts of them and then the backs of them, going around in a circle. I don't know whether there are any increases. Maybe NoKnitSherlock can help since she has finished the actual monkey. --Peggy
Thanks a bunch, Peggy and Susan. Now I have another question. I just finished the Wrap and Turn section for the bottom. It says now that I should go around "picking up wraps and working them together with the sts they wrap". I am not sure how to do this. This one may be difficult to explain, though. Is there a tutorial somewhere that you can point me to? Thanks. Joyce
Your welcome Joyce - and you will find a short row tutorial HERE.
good luck!
This helps a lot, Susan. Thanks so much. This Knitting Community is awesome with the help that it offers.


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