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Hi Kerin!
The pattern doesn't mention it, but did you insert anything in the body to make Mr. Foster bendable? I was thinking about using pipe-cleaners, but I'm not sure that would be strong enough. Any suggestions???
That is a good idea.
Thanks Rebekah...I think I'll just try it, and see how it works. I've got the arms, legs and begining butt done. I'm working on my Hemlock blanket right now, but I'm anxious to get back to Mr. Foster! ;)
I was talking to my husband about this and he said at the hardware store they have small gage wire that might work and you could cover it in floral tape so it will not snag the inside. I think I might be borrowing your idea.
Oh wow Bekah, this sounds like it would work much better! I'm still chugging along on the Hemlock blanket, so poor Mr. Foster's monkey legs are sitting in a corner waiting to be stuffed! I think the floral wire is a great idea and would hold up to way more abuse (err...I mean "play time"). ;)
You could try pipe cleaners too, but I'm not sure he would be machine washable if any metal bendy-type inserts are used.
Tina: Good point! I'm going to make mine for a 6-year-old girl. Washing is a good idea! I think he'll be cuddly enough, and she'll enjoy him. Thanks for the observation. --Peggy
If you go to a doll (making) shop, they have plastic 'skeletons' that you could put inside of Mr Foster. They look like interlocking pop beads, and they do hold a position without being too inflexible.
"A Bit Naughty" : LOL. Your name is a riot! Do you know if those pop beads can be washed? --Peggy
Would I be able to use a 2.0mm sized crochet hook instead of the 2.25? Don't have the pattern yet, so I'm not sure what it is used for.

Also, what size should the pajama buttons be?

Thank you!
Hi Maggie,
I skimmed through the pattern and it looks like you only crochet the robe tie & the 2.0 is fine. I didn't see a size for the buttons, but they look pretty small. (maybe 1/4") I'm going to hit my local craft store and see what I can find.
Hope I helped.


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