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I am just beginning my Mr. Foster and after reading the many comments listing all the problems with the directions, I'm not so sure I want to begin. I know, what a coward! Well, here goes. Has anyone used the magic loop technique instead of double points? How did that work? Am I biting off more than I can chew? I have completed some successful sweaters, ponchos, scarves, etc.

Carol Swisher

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Mr. Foster is a friend to magic loop. Give him a chance! Really. I didn't have a problem. I had to review short row technique for his bottom, but that was my only sticking point.
Thanks so much for the encouraging words! They make me want to get started. Did you use size 1, 32" length circulars?
When I made Mr Foster, I used size 2 double points. The first couple of rounds were ackward, but soon I was into the rhythm and really enjoyed it. I would recommend doing him with DPs, if you are more comfortable
with DPs.
I did Magic Loop for Mr. Foster and it worked very well. There were definately techniques that I had never done before, i.e. short rows, but after reading these forums, and all the wonderful advice of more experienced knitters, I was able to proceed easily. Just take it one thing at a time, following the directions, and I know you will have success too! I have started his clothes, never having made a sweater in my life and by just following the directions, I am managing, along with reading these forums. Good luck.
I've been using magic loop (I refuse DPNs) and I've just finished the last leg. The arms & legs were a breeze. But, I'm also scared now that I'm about to start the bottom. Thank God for this forum - I think I can make it with a little help from my friends :)
i am not currently working on the monkey yet - but i see you mentioned magic loop - i hate DPNs (im too clumsy!!!)) and i was a little nervous about the magic loop - it sounds soooo magical, LOL. but it is SOO simple, once you just give it a try!!! it makes so nmuch sense. i use it for my hats all the time.

once you fuddle through the fuzzy instructions, and get your own groove goinging with the magic loop tchniwus--- technique that is, you might love it!!!

tip - for ttiny loops or fine yarns, i like wood needles, less slippage.
good luck!
Carol, I used the magic loop. Go here to see if this helps.

Or I think this is a more recent version of my notes.

Here are some more comments.

He is well worth all the learning curve.
I used Magic Loop for my Carmen Monkey and it worked well. I used a 47", size one circular. The short rows were where I had some problems, but I got through it.
Yes, I use the magic loop for the Monkey after I start the legs on 2 dps (less slippery.)

I do most of the pattern in Magic loop, in fact. Love knitting this.
Mr Foster was my first Magic Loop project and I fell in love with it. I've also made Carmen using it and am now working on the Tidings of Joy ornaments. I've used dp for years and am glad to leave them behind. Try it, you'll love it!
Mr. Foster was a learning experience for me also and I am close to age 70. I had put him up for the summer. I don't think I could have done it without the magic loop. I think it should be called something else, even though it is magic, as it makes it sound hard to learn and it isn't at all. I am still not sure his face is completely right but OK with me. I finished his jammies this week. They were a little difficult also. Some of the directions were "clear as mud" but they look good to me. Now I am making the robe. It is the easiest part so far. I think I'll make another monkey just to see if the second one is easier with all the new posts that really help. Don't give up - you'll make it through. Good Luck! !
Carol, I just learned how to do the magic loop this weekend. Although I am not an expert at it, I do like it and it doesn't seem too hard at all. I've used DPNs to make the first couple of Mr. F's, I just like the feel of it, but am going to try this method on the next one I make. So go ahead and start this little monkey! He is just too much fun to make, and is also a great learning tool at the same time. If you've made sweaters, ponchos and scarves, you can do this too!


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