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Some may or may not know me but i am looking for knitters to knit fingerless mitts for a charity i am trying to start. I got the OK to donate from my current dialysis center. A lot of dialysis patients suffer from steal syndrome making their hands really cold as they dialyze so I and others are knitting mitts where i will donate them in mid to late April. There is a minimum of a 3" on the cuff so that it doesnt cover the access area. I chose to do fingerless mitts so people can still hold a book, use the remote control or use a laptop. If you are interested in makingbmitts send me a message and i can give you shipping info. Also post your pics of mitts here.

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Nice work! The pair I made was big, too, but I made the large size on purpose, since my yarn was sort of camo-like.
I was trying for the small but it was way too big for anyone and gave up on it.
That's what a test drive is for!
i wrote Becky and told her i had to go down to size 0 needles (2.0mm) to get the right gauge otherwise they would have been much bigger. you probably would have to decrease the amount of stitches to get a small size?
Well done, Christina!
Why are we not surprised?
awww, thanks ladies. they were fun to make. and i'm glad i can donate to a good cause!
It is a good cause! As soon as I get done making my MacBook bag, I'm going to CO another pair of Semplice mitts or maybe the Midnight Sky mitts. I have found lots of great single skeins I can use! I could almost do those patterns in my sleep now. So much of it is straight knitting, and sometimes I need a break from DBIL's Aran Cardi.
i want to try the Semplice Mitts too! Seems like an easy pattern - i like the green and red ones you did.
It's very easy, and the thumb gusset just adds a touch of interest. By the time you're bored, it's time to finish the thumb!


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