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Some may or may not know me but i am looking for knitters to knit fingerless mitts for a charity i am trying to start. I got the OK to donate from my current dialysis center. A lot of dialysis patients suffer from steal syndrome making their hands really cold as they dialyze so I and others are knitting mitts where i will donate them in mid to late April. There is a minimum of a 3" on the cuff so that it doesnt cover the access area. I chose to do fingerless mitts so people can still hold a book, use the remote control or use a laptop. If you are interested in makingbmitts send me a message and i can give you shipping info. Also post your pics of mitts here.

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Please share - sounds very interesting!  :)
I according to rules cant post shawl yet and since sock is for a kal cant start until April 1.
The sock kal- can you tell us where to find it  or what makes it different?  I love odd construction.  :)
Its the sock knitters anonymous group aka SKA group on ravelry. Im not even sure if the construction process of my idea will even work.
I hadn't been exposed to that group before!  Wow!  Over 12000 members.  I signed up.  Will have to read more at another time, though.  :)
I think its like the biggest group on ravelry. Dont know why but they are nuts for squirls (no pun intended) and the color orange.
I just sent a box of 5 mitts. Having trouble loading the photo, but will try again. Put a note on Ravelry, too. The orange ones are the EZ modified mitered mitts.
Nice! I was going to take a photo of mine in the box at the PO, but left the camera in the car. Drat!
If I mail mine at the local P.O (serves less than 100 people, I'm sure) I always have to explain what charity I am knitting for now. She is all excited to know that people care about others. That's what's nice about small P.O's. The downtown one just asks the form questions. I tell them I don't think the knitted mitts will blow up. They don't even crack a smile..oh well..if I had to deal with so many people every day, I might not have much sense of humor left either.
If I said that at my post office, they would probably call in the bomb squad!
Very nice, Martha!
Eight pairs are on their way to Angel Bear! I got a lot of attention while showing them to Joanie at breakfast at the No Worries Cafe this morning. Joanie wants me to make another pair of Fetching for her for her birthday, which isn't until October, so I have plenty of time.


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