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My favorite way to knit mittens is to begin with a thumb. I begin at the tip of the thumb and work increases until the thumb fits on my thumb. Then I work straight until the thumb fits my thumb. I put the thumb onto waste yarn and put it to one side. Then I begin at the tip of the mitten and increase until the mitten fits over all my fingers. I knit until the mitten fits to my thumb. I knit the thumb in with a three needle bind off, then I work to the rib and finish the mitten. The thumb looks like an afterthought thumb.

There is a picture of a partially complete mitten at

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How fun!  And easy!  This would be great for making mittens for my kids.  No swatching involved.  Just pick up and start.  It's like a toe-up sock.  Knit to fit!  Wonderful and thanks for sharing!

Are there any instructions???



I too would like some instructions. This sounds interesting but I need a guide or at least I think I do:-)

I have some basic instructions on my blog. You can find it at

The link didn't work for me.

Sorry about that. Try the link in my first post (at the top) - it does work.

Julie, the link in the post here didn't work for me, either, but I used the one at the top of the page. 

I really am intrigued by your cast-on method.  I'll have to try that next time. 

And what a wonderful template!!  To plug your own colorwork scheme in!!  That is so well done and very generous.  I love it!  Thank you so much!

edited to add:  Julie, I had read your post here, went to your blog and read some more, then later that day someone asked me about kool-aid dyeing on Ravelry so I linked her to your instructions... then a couple days later we go into kool-aid dyeing conversation here in the Dye-a-Long and linked to your website, but had already forgotten how I'd found you in the first place!  Lol.  I just realized it right now.  :)  So, anyway, if you're interested, the Dye-a-Long conversation here on KP is HERE.  You may have some words of wisdom you want to add.  :)

I've never seen a mitten done this way. Very interesting!

Same here - very interesting indeed!  Will give it a try sometime soon.  :)


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