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Sorry, but the curiousity is killing me! This lesson seems to be attracting new knitters as well as knitters who have never participated in a KAL before.


Please introduce yourself if this is your first KAL. I don't mean to discriminate between the new KALers and the seasoned KALers. It would help me, and everyone else, to have a visual (through your little blog photo) of the newbies so we can be as helpful as possible.


Think of it as attening your first local guild meeting or knitting night. Everyone knows you are new and so they go out of their way to be sure you are comfortable and they are ready to help you with your knitting.


And, welcome! This is going to be a fun, quick and informative lesson.

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It's my first knit along. I've never used the magic loop and I've never made mittens so I'm happy to be learning this. I'm hoping to move on to gloves after this. Thanks for terrific and clear videos.
This is my 2nd! My first was the BSJ KAL and after frogging 3 times, I finally completed it :)
This is my first KAL. I have been knitting for about 4 years. I have done socks with the Magic Loop method, but never mittens. I am really excited to get started, but I still can't get the 1st video to load!
This is my first KAL. I have knitted mittens before, but hope to improve the "join" between the thumb and the hand.

Thanks for all the encouragement.
This is my first KAL and looking forward to it. Would love to make socks in this manner.
:)) Andvervt Kelley did thee MosT FaBulouS SocK SerieS Useing MagiC Loop just a Couple Months Ago !! You can Look it Up & Find it Here in Tutorials on Community !! Think Youll be Suitably Impressed !!! I think it Rates among thee BesT Series I've Ever Seen AnyOne do including on PBS Tv !! I promise it won't disappoint :) (I wasn't going to say a Word til the End) but when You mentioned SockS thought maybe You didn't know about the Magic Loop Sock Series :)) Ok I will now shut up & Sit down til the End lol
We all seem to be having "Extremity Issues"! Must be all the snow! Must keep those hands and feet warm!
Hi! This is my first KAL and have just managed to learn magic loop from the very clear video instructions - it seems easy now. Thanks!
Hi! These are my first mittens and my first magic loop! And it is my first KAL. Lots of "firsts"! I love learning something new! Thank you for the help--so much fun!
I am using a bright green wool--ww and size 8 needles. I cast on 32 stitches. I have about an inch done and I tried it on--I think it will be good-- Have a question--Is either side the right side? I did the first round knit b/c I learned from someone to always knit the first row b/c it makes it more "elastic", so that is visible and I would want it to be on the "inside". Also, my yarn coming from the ball seems to keep getting tangled on the inside of the cables. I'll have to watch the video again. Here are some pics.
Katherine, when I first started with ML, my yarn would get tangled inside the cables. Here is what I do now to make sure it doesn't: when starting with the new 1/2 round, I pull the yarn up from the back needle and then away from me at a 90 degree angle, before pulling out the back needle to begin the new 1/2 round. This keeps it out of the way. If the yarn does get caught up in the cables, it appears, I can untangle it about every two 1/2 rounds if I need to. This seems very a very deliberate move at first, but after a while you will get your own rhythm. I think this is not an issue for Kelley because she is a 'picker' rather than a 'thrower'. I hope this helps. I am attaching two pictures (inspired by your pictures!)
Thank you, Allison! I need to be more mindful of where my yarn is before I begin each section.
As you said, I will "get my rhythm"! I am using the Denise cables, but they are a bit stiff so I am about to order some from KnitPicks. I think it will be more enjoyable! Also I knit holding the yarn with my right hand. Tried Continental but feels too clumsy and slow and I am always in a hurry--to get to the next project, of course! Thanks for the pics.
I use the KnitPicks Harmony wood interchangeable needles and cables (I have a full set of the nickel plated interchangeable needles as well, but find the metal needles a little too slick for some projects). I really like them. I also hold the yarn with my right hand (also tried with my left, but I didn't stick with it long enough to get comfortable with it).


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