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Does fingerless mitts count in this kal? Well if so here goes.

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Yes! she took the KAL Mitten lesson & was able to apply to her own style of mittens. She did GREAT !!

For me personal, I feel that KAL class is all about helping us "fill-in-the -blank" were we are unsure on "how to" complete our final project.
thanks. it was a free pattern on ravelry. Now its time for some mittens/gloves. I have the Selbuvottor book so it is time for something from that book. Just have to go hunt down my sport wt yarns.

aloha! since you all got me started on fingerless mitts, i tried my hand at my own design using Comfy fingering. i made one for myself first and liked it so much i made another. here are both:


for me in Blackberry and Jalapeño:

for the shoppe in Blackberry and Lilac:

As always, cute as a button!
thanks cheryl. i need to grow more arms :)
Sooo Cute!  I love them :)
Very cute. I can't tell for sure, are there cables or do the lines kind of wave back and forth. Do you have a pattern that you can share?  thanks  virginia

my goodness virginia - i just saw this! i don't have a pattern written down yet, but i'll add it to my list. apologies for the late reply!

I love the 2 colors and the cable and am anxious to try to make a pair or 2. I have never done anything with color work before...first time for everything, right?

Just wondering if you have had a chance to write down the instructions yet. I realize that everyone is super busy but I am fascinated by that pattern and would love to try it.  vk

I much prefer making fingerless mitts for my daughters and granddaughters.  One of my daughters has Reynaud's and cannot afford to have her hands get cold; however she works in a prison and has to be outside sometimes and must be able to manipulate keys and locks, etc.  Wool fingerless mitts are a lifesaver for her--the other girls have seen hers and asked for these for Christmas. I made about 20 pairs and then found this KAL.  I am enjoying seeing the videos and will use them to improve the next pair.

If you have knit too many you can donate to my charity Mitts of Steal. We knit fingerless mitts for dialysis patients and are always in need of mitts. If interested you can pm me or visit our ravelry group:Mitts of Steal.


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