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Does fingerless mitts count in this kal? Well if so here goes.

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We need more mitts! If you haven't contributed any yet and would like to, send me a PM, or send one to Angelkarhu or Cherylbwaters. We'll tell you where to send them.

aloha all -

can someone pls help me figure out a problem? :) i'm knitting more fingerless gloves with a gusseted thumb and noticed my thumbs tend to have a little crook in them where the increase ends and the ST st start. i'd rather have a smooth thumb so i'm not sure what i should be doing. here's a photo of my latest:

you can see the issue better in this photo where my thumb is. there's a little bump there in the knuckle area of the thumb.

i do pick up 2 stitches on each side of the thumb gusset so there's no hole between the glove body and the thumb - should i be decreasing instead of increasing? thanks for all your help! ~ c

Christina, I think it is the way you are doing your increases for you your gusset. This isn't the best photo I have, but it is all I could find for right now. The red arrows show where my increases are and the white show where I think your increases occur.

My increases occur next to the glove. It looks like yours occur along the middle of the thumb. So your increases are right next to each other as opposed to the opposite sides of the thumb. When you do a thumb gusset, you should knit up to the gusset, increase, knit across the gusset, do your next increase and then back to the mitt. I hope this makes sense. If you need me to send you some directions, please let me know. They aren't in a polished format, but may help.

If my brain is opperating correctly, as its late I concur.

I forgot yesterday was a PO holiday. The mitts were sent today. You should have them Thursday, Friday at the latest.

thanks Cheryl! this makes total sense and your photo is very helpful. i'm working on a pair now with an 'afterthought' thumb and as soon as i'm done with that pair, i'll do a gusset thumb and keep my increases close to the glove body. thank you so much!!

Glad it made sense and I hope it works out for you.

Kelley's Thumb Gusset videos here and here might help you.

thank you! i did pour through Kelly's videos and that was very helpful. I did my first afterthought thumb and it came out ok!

Hope to see it.

Hi everyone.  I have designed a new pair of mitts:

What do you think?  Do you like?

Anyone interested in testing the pattern for me? I used one skein/ball of KP's Andean Treasure Yarn to make the pair in the picture.  I haven't come up with a name for them yet thought - something Victorian or Steampunk...

I would love to test it but I'm afraid I don't have the time right now, but they are really cute.


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