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By now, you have finished the cuffs of your mittens.  Now you can either knit a gusseted thumb or an afterthought thumb.  Both have advantages, it's really up to you.  But if you knit a gusseted thumb, you start your increases shortly after you finish the cuff, so that's why you need to decide now. 

If you decide to knit a gusseted thumb, these videos will help you to place your increases and make a gusset.  

If you are knitting an afterthought thumb, you just knit a few stitches with a piece of scrap yarn where you want your thumb opening to be.  We will discuss afterthought thumbs more next week.  In the meantime, knit 2-3 inches plain (the measurement from your wrist to where your thumb starts).

Enjoy your knitting!

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Okay, so where is the Entrelac KAL? I've seen some stuff on Entrelac lately and it looks like a really neat design.
Allison, click here for the Entrelac KAL or here if you want to go directly to the Yvette Beret and Mitts discussion.

If you want to check out the different KALs, go to the top of a page to Meet & Share. Then Click on Knitalongs. When you see the discussion forum, click on "View All" to see all the discussion for that KAL. Sometimes the discussions fit on one page and for others there are several pages. Oh, yes, there are currently at least 2 pages of KALs. So be sure to check out all the pages of the different KALs. ♥c
Excellent clarification!
PickleSue, I know this is quite late, but I found the link to this discussion over in Cheryl's blog. I think you have explained this quite well. I only wished I had known about it this weekend when I was doing so many of these joins. But I will definately use it in the future. Thanks, Wendy
PickleSue, thank you for the tip. I will have to use this sometime, it sounds like it would take care of my problem.

PickleSue - I just wrote down your directions to put in my knitting notebook. I can see that it will make a much better join than what I have been using. Thanks so much.
Thank you everone for helping me figure out what I did wrong and how to fix it. I am going to start another mitten in another color so I can try out all of these tips. My others are on hold for further instructions. I have my first one in light green, another in dark green, and now will start one in burgandy. At this rate with 3 mits in 3 different colors, I can also have 3 different thumbs. Yea!

Nite, nite,
Now this is a pair of mittens that will have people talking for ages! What a great way to start a conversation with strangers!
Frogging my way back to fix a mistake or to reknit a portion of my project
( I use this as a guide - YouTube Video -"How to Use a Lifeline" - it's really helpful to get the idea)

- thread a really long piece of scrap yarn in a contrasting color on a darning needle
- figure out the row you want to go back to
- run the needle with scrap yarn through the stitches of the row you want to frog back to, leaving the ends
- take your knitting needle out of your project
- carefully pull out all the stitches down to the row with the lifeline thread
~~~To Use the Lifeline:
- using your knitting needle to pick up this row of stitches - going thru the stitches everywhere the scrap yarn is - just follow the path of the scrap yarn to pick up the stitches correctly
- now you can continue knitting at this point :)

Great explanation of using a lifeline! I really like using them, very helpful when trying new things :)
Wow! I never would have thought of that. I am so glad that you explained this to us. I will definitely use this in all future projects. This could have saved me so many headaches in the past. The name says it all, "Life Line".

I have used the life lines before on intricate baby blankets I was knitting. Did not even know about them but got tired of not being able to fix my mistakes so after about the second start I figured out to do that. Worked like a charm! Glad to know that I knew more than I thougth. LOL


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