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Hi all!!  i do not know what my obsession is with single point, straight needles, since i am a confirmed KP circular user.  But i guess i like to use single points sometimes.  SO every once in a while i buy a pair.  My question is - how do you all choose the length? 10 or 14 inch (or whatever).  I tend to pick the shorter, as the longer seems awkward. But i guess if i were to knit a sweater in pieces, or an afghan, i would want the longer? is that the only reason i'd want the 14's??  WOuld i want the 10's for most regular old knitting projects? I guess i mostly do small stuff, anyway, So another question is, should i get the 14's, since i can always do smaller stuff on longer needles, but not bigger stuff on shorter needles.... right?

thanks for your input!!

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Hi, I've only been knitting a year but I have found that I love circular needles - just tried them recently actually. I just finished a small baby blanket on 10" straight needles and my shoulders were aching so bad. I think I like smaller projects like socks. I know this really doesn't answer your question but just thought I'd add it anyway. Happy knitting!
If you're sitting in a chair, it's nice not to have the ends hanging up on the arms!
I don't knit with straight needles except for dpns for I-cord. They make great decorative items, though. Very long ones sticking out of a jug is very nice!
Jenny, I have very few straight needles... love the circulars for nearly everything.
Length of needle has always seemed to me to be a function of the length of the row -- if you had an afghan panel that was 200 stitches you would probably want a longer needle. Smaller projects, shorter rows, shorter needles. And, as you know, pretty much ANY length row is comfortable on a circular needle.
Thanks everyone for the chat. Here is what i did - i sat downin my sewing room and cataloged my massive needle collection, and decided thati don't need any more striaghts anyhow, lol. I do think i need a harmony wood size 3 in a 40 ".... :D


I have a HUGE box of circa. 1950 ish knitting needles, both straight and circulars given to me last year. I rarely use anything but circs or dpns for socks or icord though. You should check out the photos of my gifts on my page :)
hey amy!!! i think i remember when you got that stash, the last time i was around and toying with the idea of straights. Great score!! i actually look at some of the vintage stash auctions on ebay and think of you!!!...

but YA i never use my straights, i dont know why i want another pair, LOL; i should say i DO use them, but only when i just grab a pair to do a little test knitting, and dont want to dig out my circs from the tangled mess...

which leads to another question, how do people store theirs?

my straights are in a jar, straight up. my KPs are in a big plastic storage case, separated nicely (now that i have organized them). but still are a hassle to get out and use... i might try the binder method, or slotted cardboard storage case method...

thanks again, i am still thinking whether i should add in those US4 straights to my order, lol, just for fun, and i keep waffling...
It is good to talk to you again!!
When I got my KP Options, they came with the black binder... I prefer it and am still using it. I had to add a couple of binder pages to hold all of my needles. I also have one of the clean point holders for the over flow. It works nicely.
They stopped selling that with the needles by the time I got mine. You can buy it separately, though.
ya, i wish mine came with it, i may try a binder...
i have the acrylic tip holder, but i found i didnt use it - the tips came out but didnt get put back in, lol.. I was planning on loading it up today to see if i will though....
Some people put rice or dried beans in a vase to store their drop spindles. That should work for straight needles, too. Mine are in a drawer, but I've been thinking about putting them on display. I keep my circs in a binder in heavy plastic sheet protectors. Each page has a sheet of paper with the size of the needle in it. My Zephyrs have their own little stand (the obe KP sells for that) and my Harmonies are waiting for their own.


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