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OK, this is my day for increase questions, LOL .

So i know how to do M1L and M1R.  My question is for when a pattern says to do a m1 increase.  I used to assume that it meant to judst do your preferred inc, left or right , since direction didnt seem to matter.  ( i like m1L better)  But then i came across a pattern that described the m1 increase as just doing a backward loop over the RHN.  Then it is knit on the following row. SO it is essentially like preparing for a m1 increase, but not working it until later.  Conversely, the m1R or m1L increase could be thought of as performing a m1 backward loop increase and working it right away, but a full row later than called for in the pattern.

Make sense?

so now i am confused - when a pattern says to make one, do they want me to knit it right away (as one does when performing a m1L or m1R)  or am i being told to just wrap a backward loop around the RHN with my working yarn, then continue on, knitting that loop on the following row?

Is there ever a time when i would not want to just work it as a m1l or r right away? (i understand that lace patterns would require certain attention, but any other knitting project, where i just want to increase stitches - why would i just make a loop, instead of making a loop and then knitting it?

again,,, i hope i make sense, LOL.  I am just confused because i am seeing "make one" defined in  different ways.

thanks in advance :o)


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Yep! Was that easy or what? LOL
When you come to it in the next row, knit thru the back loop to snug it up a bit. Hope this helps!

LOL Thanks, but i am still confused!!

when i first learned 'make one' increases, (number 1 for below) i was taught to lift the bar in between the current stitches, and either knit TBL or TFL, depending on how i perfermed the lift (front to back scoop or back to front scoop.) and the result weas either left leaning, or right leaning, again, depending on the scoop and the TFL or TBL. No problem, i have got the m1 increases down pat.

BUT then along comes this description (number 2, for below) of the make one increase - where you just form a backward loop on the right hand needle, then move along with your row. Then NEXT row, when you come to that loop. THEN you knit it (TBL or TFL, depending on how you looped it in the previous row)

so are they exactly the same increase? Just the first one, number 1, i described is done all at the same time, while number 2 is done over the course of 2 rows??

LOL, thanks in advance!
To try to make this quetion less convoluted, lol. i will ask this way - you said:

"When you come to it in the next row, knit thru the back loop to snug it up a bit"

So if i just do a typical (for me) M1L, where i lift eh bar and then knit TBL, is that always fine. Or is there a time when i am expected to just make a backward loop, leave it until the next row, THEN knit it?
Jenny... I thought I knew how to increase, but now I am totally confused LOL. I always wrap the yarn twice.

Good luck and I will check back later.
you mean like when you wrap the yarn to knit a stitch, you wrap it twice, so there are two resulting loops? that is a new increase to me, but it certainly works! Although i guess ytou wouldnt see an actual stitch and any widening until the following row.

i do a lot of amigurumi, tiny knitting projects, where the increases are very important to the shaping, and appearance of the piece (the direction of the increase adds to the texture, ya know?) so i have an arsenal of increases, lol, and wanted to know if it mattered which i use for a regular old knitting project, like a purse or whatever, ya know?

thanks!! I am going to try your increase sometime!!


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