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I am making the learn to knitt afghan from Barbara G Walker's book.  If you are familiar with it...I have 63 squares to make and each one is a different stitch..To get to my problem is that square #20 and 21 have a stitch that I can not figure out.


It says: row 6--k2*sl 3wyib, k1, insert needle from front under loose strand of row 1,and knit next st, k1; repeat from *


which needle do you insert, and when it says"and k next they mean the strand that you pull??? I have started this square 4 x and it doesn't come out right.  I end up with 7 stitches more and a big mess.


Help me ! Help me please.

Rosemary (shoedog1)

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It's hard to know without actually doing the pattern, but I'm assuming you use the right needle. "The next st" is not the strand from below, but the next st on the left needle. This row would have you increasing across the row, unless you have left something out. It's OK to have more sts on the needles after this row if the next (or some later) row has you decreasing using a K2tog or SSK, or some other method of decreasing. What does the next row do?
I think that this is a slip stitch pattern and the way I read it there is no increase in the row. In it's simplest form, it is "K2, slip 3, K3" with the K3 being the stitch after the slipped stitches, the next stitch on the left needle after you have pulled up the loose strand from the first row, and then the next stitch on the left needle. I have seen patterns like this before, andI would knot the pulled up thread with the knit stitch. HOWEVER without seein a sample of the pattern or the rest of the instructions I wouldn't stake my life on it. Peggy is certainly right -- it isn't the end of the world to have an increase row if subsequent pattern rows decrease that stitch. Is there a picture of this pattern stitch anywhere online where we could take a peek?
I wish I had the book! Being able to see the instructions for the previous row would help, too!
just put a picture of the square ...that I got online. This is the one (from hell )

OK, I see that you're picking up the strand from the other color below. I assume you knit that one in the next row after you pick it up, but I would need the next row of instructions to understand how you keep the sts even.
says: row 6--k2*sl 3wyib, k1, insert needle from front under loose strand of row 1,and knit next st, k1; repeat from *
Row 7- with B , k1, p1*sl 3 wyib,p3:rep from*
So I pick up the strand from the R1(strand) with right needle? And if you p it in the next row..wouldn't that increase your stitches.
I think what you're doing is knitting a st THROUGH the loop created when you sl the three sts with the strand on the right side of the fabric. Does that make any sense?
I think your right... I will start it again tonight. Thanks Peggy.

I might need some more help later. :)
I'll check back whenever I'm online!
Hi! my name is Teresa ...

I have a website that might can help you .

Thanks for the info. I am sure it will help me alot with this.


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