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Okay, I have seen the magic loop tutorial on the Community. I understand it, and it looks fun. However, I want to make the toothfairy pillow (knitpicks freebee), but I cant figure out how to cast on and get it started. Is there anyone who knows?

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Hi Elainne,

I love working with Magic Loop, so lets see if I can help you. I haven't made this pattern but the way I would do it is:

Cast on 6 st in color A
Cast on 12 st in color B
Cast on 6 st in color A

Pull the cable through after 6 stitches in color B, so there will be 6 stitches color a and 6 st color b on each side.

Does that help at all? Please let us know if you need more help!

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I had to post somewhere that I actually was able to magic loop today RIGHT HANDED (I am a very left handed person), starting with a PURL row. Totally backwards for me, but I am knitting up a storm on my sleeve now! Hopefully I remember how I did it when I pick my knitting up later this weekend!
Carrie: Good for you! My personal opinion about right- and left-handedness in knitting is--It doesn't matter which hand does what. Knitting takes two hands. I knit Continental, which is sort of left-handed, but it runs in the same direction as throw method, which is right-handed. I'm glad it's working for you so far. I say, go, go, go! --P
I am attempting to teach myself the Magic Loop Method by reading the tutorials here and looking at videos on youtube. Everything is going great, except the stitch made to join together gets really loose the more rounds I complete and there is a
huge gap in my work. Any ideas??
Amy: If you are starting the section after the loop part with a purl but can move your sts around to have it start with a knit st, it may solve your problem. When you make that st after the loop, if you pull it tight it could help. I'm not an ML person, (although I have done it on occasion) so maybe you will get some better suggestions from someone else. Good luck! --P
Stacey just reminded me of something else. When I use dpns I often move a st from the end of one needle to the beginning of the next just to keep the potential ladder moving around. It tends to even out more that way. --P
Hi Amy,

I do magic loop. Like Peggy said, I often have problems with ladders when the first stitch is a purl. Knitting is much easier to tighten, so if you are able to move the stitch, that might help. Also, I've noticed how flexible the cable is makes a difference - I use our needles and haven't had too many issues but I taught my mom a few weeks ago with different needles & she had a similar problem.

I hope that helps! My first attempts resulted in needles thrown across the room but now I don't have too many issues with it (and I don't drop & lose my dpns now! :) )

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Thank you all for the suggestions! I have been able to get several rows completed now.
Yaaay, Amy! Keep us informed of your progress, so we can continue to cheer you on. We'll be here to answer any questions you have, too! --P


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