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If you've always wanted to knit a pair of gloves or mittens, but weren't sure where to start, the Line by Line Mittens to Gloves Kit is the kit for you! You can learn to knit fingerless mitts, mittens, fingerless gloves, gloves, and convertible mittens all from the same basic pattern. If you get stuck or have questions, we'll be here.

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Looks great, Angela! I love making gloves! --P
I have ordered this kit and will be starting it in a couple of weeks, after I finish my Maeve hat and mittens. :)
Kimberly: Yay! I can't wait to see how you get on. Let us know if you need help! --P
I am knitting the men's gloves and am at the first finger and am a little confused about the directions. Should the index finger be 28 rows long or 18? What is the thing about knitting to .25"?

Thanks for your help.
Hi Julie,

Sorry, the directions seem to be a little unclear. For the full fingered gloves, you will work 18 rounds plain or until your desired length, then decrease around.

The working until .25 below desired length is for the half fingered gloves & Convertable Mittens

Hope this helps!

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I have a question about the row count after setting aside the thumb. Are the ten rows including the two rows knit while setting aside the thumb stitches or in addition to these two rows? Thanks
I'm making the convertible mittens and have finished the right hand and have begun to work on the left. I'm at the fingers and it says to slip 1st 20 pm and turn piece over then knit as for right hand. I'm very confused at this point. Why not just knit the same as the right hand? Thanks for any help given.
Mary Ann: I don't have the pattern, but I'm assuming the right hand and the left hand are different. Gloves vary, but most (but not all) are made with a right and a left. The right hand will have the thumb a little towards the palm on the right side and the left will have the thumb a little towards the palm on the left. You'll see what I mean if you look at your own hand. Knitted fabric has a lot of give in it, so some simple glove patterns have the thumb sticking out the side. It's easier to do it that way, and then you can wear it on the right or left. --P
Thanks Peggy: The right and left doesn't seem to be any different but I will give it a try the way the directions say. It doesn't explain but it seems like on the left hand I would be starting with the little finger and working my way backwards to the index finger. Anybody else out there who finised the pattern could you let me know what you did. Thanks again.
Now that it's Monday, you probably will hear from someone from KP. Good luck! --P


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