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Hi everyone, I am a beginner of sorts.....pick up knitting a year ago after a LONG break.  We I purchased on Knit Picks the Impressionist Afghan.  Did I get in over my head?

Anyone else buy it?


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Can you link the bees knees.
Oh how cute is that! Dont have that book. Maybe I'll check library. But by the time I finished it no one would fit it anymore.

Even if not someday, I still want to make one.

Just before the thief stole Mary's samples, she was talking about doing an adult size.

I think it would be easy enough to do. You could try knitting it in sport or DK, if you get the gauge you would need to make it the right size. (It comes with a 22 1/2" chest or a 30" chest. I have already figured out that if I made the smaller one with 7 sts/in instead of 8, I could get a 25.7" chest measurement. I'm waiting now to find out what Miss Daphne is now, so I have an idea before I swatch.) You could also increase the number of pattern repeats. You wouldn't want to have half a bee in your design.
Once I had to help my dad capture a swarm of bees. He was in his beekeepers getup and I was in long pants and long sleeve shirt. He was sitting there telling me to not let them land in my hair. They were in my hair and down the front of my blouse, but I managed to not get stung. In fact, the times I got stung would be when I would be barefoot outside and too close to their "graveyard". Yes, they have graveyards and the dead ones still sting if their stingers are still attached.

But garter st looks so pretty, it's worth the cheating, LOL!

The Picture of the Impressionist Afghan does look very attractive :)
Wonder if there's a way to get pattern without buying all the yarn as I already have it
Sometimes they make patterns available after all the kits have sold.
There is LOTS of great knitting advice here on this thread, but I am venturing again inthe the Impressionist Afghan neighborhood if anyone is interested . . .

Hi Everyone! I haven't been on awhile, but I only have one color left in the Impressionist Afghan!!! My 1st Knitting Project. Well I am proud of myself :)


I didn't mess up the leafs, which I patted myself on the back for, LOL. Although, I had problems with just the knitting inside, arghhh. I knitted as I watched my shows and I would slip off a stitch on accident and end up with a whole, having to pull back several lines. (shaking head). Or I forget to slip off the stitch at times once worked and have to many loops. I have gotten good at pulling my work apart, just to do it again!!


I can now sit and watch a show and hardly mess up! Learning from my mistakes, I put a marker every 20 stitches, just in case I got distracted and miscounted. This made it so I didn't have to tear back rows!!


I love Knitting even more than Crocheting :) I did enjoy Crocheting and I hardly mess up on it, since you don't work with so many stitches at once. I find Knitting more relaxing for me.


That Bee outfit is soooo adorable!! :)


I hope this finds you all well?!


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