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Hi everyone, I am a beginner of sorts.....pick up knitting a year ago after a LONG break.  We I purchased on Knit Picks the Impressionist Afghan.  Did I get in over my head?

Anyone else buy it?


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Rosemary, I don't think you are in over your head, but I tend to jump right in. I don't have the pattern but I'm sure we can help you along. There is also the Lace Knit Along that might be helpful. I only suggest it since there is a lace border and there may be some experienced lace knitters who might be able to help with the border.

There is a minor errata posted. Row 7 was mistakenly labeled as row 9.

Haven't bought it but I confess I have been stalking it . . . I think it is a beautiful piece and don't think that you will find it hard -- the body is garter stitch on the diagonal and I love that orientation.  I find that by the time I am ready to throw it down I am at the widest point and then from that point on all the rows are shorter!  And the holding colors together is always pretty.


I wonder why I haven't bought it yet . . .?  Maybe I will join you!

Oh Rosemary..that is a beautiful afghan!
You can do it...I agree with Cheryl...just jump in...
On a fairly complicated lace pattern...I just use post it tabs to mark my row...
Again as Cheryl says..there are a lot of amazing knitters here that can and will help.

LOL Cathie ..stalking a piece of knitting...haha too fun!

Good Luck...remember feet first lol


I agree with everyone else. We are good at hand-holding here!
Well, it is now on my Wish List waiting for enough for free shipping . . .
Well, the beginners hat/scarf kits went on closeout sale and I wanted that pattern and when I added that to the other stuff in the cart . . . I just order the Impressionist Afghan kit myself, so if you have questions or want to compare notes feel free!
Lucky you!
I do feel really decadent because normally I would purchase a "big" kit like this for a project with someone in mind, but this time it is all for me.  And I already have a number of things that I am "finishing" . . . But I just loved the look of it.

awww Cathie...YOU deserve a beautiful treat like that woman...

I know the many years of knitting for others children, men, friends, church, charities...I am guilt free...So when I want to treat myself..I just smile in my heart and enjoy lol


Let me know how it's going.. I still have to finish 2 projects I am working on.



My shower presents are finished and the next thing on the agenda is to start the Impressionist Afghan.  Maybe next week.  I'll keep you posted.

Sounds like a deal to me lol 

I have put everything on hold..knitting a friend asked me to help knit preemie caps for her daughter and others.

What a joy and blessing..I pray as I knit each one for the recipient and family..As I believe preemies are Gods little angels he sends us for a purpose.




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