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Aloha All -

My local knitting group wants everyone to bring in their first filet knitted or crochet project. I've never done filet knitting (or crochet) and am wondering if anyone has? Any place to get simple patterns? I will check RAV as well but thought I'd ask here first.


I would love to see how filet crafts are supposed to look so please post your finished projects if you have photos :)


Thank you!

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I've never done it, but now you have me curious.
ahhhhh - one more thing to learn!!!
I've done crochet but don't think I have any snaps -- I will see if I can rustle up a pattern . . . I confess, it isn't my favorite, but then again I can't knit Faire Isle socks, either.  It is very lacy.
thanks Cathie. from what i've heard you can crochet or knit 'pictures' into the projects. one gal spoke about doing a skull & crossbones designs that i found interesting. i can see how you can do it with crochet, but not knitting. thanks for checking your patterns :)

I clipped this off an Internet site, but it closely resembles the heart pattern that I made -- I actually appliqued it over a solid fabric pillow that my sister made.  A fillett crochet pattern looks just like a graph where the solid areas have 2 or 3 double crochet and the blank spaces are areas where you chain above the foundation row and "drop down" every 2 or 3 chains to create the empty squares.  Creating a pattern is pretty easy -- graph paper and pencil!


This isn't a great explanation but the picture should help.  Honestly, I can't figure out how you would created the effect in knitting other than to design a lace pattern (NOT my strong suit.)

thanks Cathie!


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