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Hi Everyone! I knit my first pair of socks a couple of months ago, and have a problem with them: they HURT MY FEET! I have tried wearing them a few times, and if I am doing anything other than sitting, when I stand up it's like standing on pins. I knit them with Imagination on size 2 needles quite tightly.

So many people on this site rave about knitted socks and I loved knitting my pair... but I cannot bear to wear them. I have no idea why not. Have I done something wrong? Are there tips or tricks from any sock knitters out there? I've been waiting for a place to post this question, and this seems like the right place! Even though I am not a beginning knitter, I am certainly still a beginner in the realm of socks.

I have a lot more Imagination in simply beautiful colors which I would love to turn into quite a few pairs of knee socks, but I don't want to make any more before I can find out why they hurt me. Any and all advice/help will be vastly appreciated. I'd really like to know what's wrong, assuming anyone can answer me that. :)

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Sunshine: It's hard to tell without trying them on, but I can suggest a couple of things. One is that many sock yarns become much softer after they are washed. Have you washed them yet? I have some Imagination sock yarn, but I haven't used it yet. I have found some other sock yarns to be much softer after washing, though. Some people have really sensitive soles. If this is the case with you, you can make your socks with reverse stockinette st, which puts the K side on the inside, next to your skin. This is called the "Princess Sole" (from "The Princess and the Pea"). This is what Kate is talking about. Also, I agree with her that you need at least 8 st to the inch to be comfortable. If none of this helps, have you tried wearing nylon stockings under your pretty socks? I hope one of these suggestions works for you. Good luck! --P
turn them inside out- this has helped me with uncomfortable socks anneKat
Thanks everyone! I think I washed them, but will try again. And I will definitely make the next pair with inside-out soles.
If that works, Kali, then we'll know you're a real princess! --P


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