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So what is everyone working on at the present time?

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Unfortunately, I don't think the Churro you bought is from my sheep.  It's from a breeder that I hooked up with last fall. =(  It's good Churro wool, just a little sticky in the rovings, which he had processed.  im not planning to get any more from him.

Your socks Rock Girlfriend..

Christina and I just shared a birthday May 22...she is my birthday twin!


Happy Birthday!!  Extended! =))

Weeee!!  That hat is great!!  Nice to see 'Joe' in a form other than four footed! =))  He's my very own sheepy in the barnyard here.  The first one I got.

As to the other projects,  they are fantastic, too, of course! =)

At long last I have finished my EZ Camping shawl as well as the 198 yards of heaven shawl I started!  It's time to cast on something new now.


Those are very nice, Jill.

Lovely!  Bothe of them.  Although I think the EZ is my fave of the two.  But probably only because I"m not mch of a  fan of red. =)

These are so gorgeous!  

I can't stop knitting lace! After finishing the Echo Flowers shawl, I missed my lace knitting, so after doing some dyeing, i had to CO for Enzian, another free Ravelry pattern: 

I should point out that I did a few rows of the pattern before I broke out the wine.

Peggy, what pretty yarn you have chosen. I enjoy knitting lace too. Thanks for a lead on the pattern. Joleen
Joleen, I dyed Knit Picks Shadow "Bare" Lace Weight using orange and cherry Kool-Aid and a few drops of black food coloring using the sun-tea method. I was thrilled with out it turned out. The chart has only the right-side sts. On the reverse side you P the YOs and work the others as they are presented. I was a little confused by that until I saw the row numbers.
I'be only dyed once. Over dyed a few hanks of cotton I got for free. It turned out nice but I haven't used it yet...I have done patterns like that before. Confused me too until something clicked and I got it.


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