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So what is everyone working on at the present time?

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Just finished the LaLa Simple Shawlette...freebie on Ravelry..

Next after finishing a few pair of socks in my WIPS will be the Ashton Shawlette...also a freebie on Knitting Paradise.




I just finished a bunch of socks for myself, love handknit wool socks.  Knitting Paradise - haven't heard of that site.

I love Knit don't get me wrong...still spend a fortune in here and send so many others here for great products....however, you can get help with knitting/ crocheting problems, freebie patterns and such...

So I am both there and here...couldn't handle another knitting / crocheting forum now lol Oh Ravelry too lol


scroll down to the very bottom to get the latest digest...

My name there is also CamillaInTheDesert....look me up sometime.

Hope that helps.

Do I dare click that link??  Of course I will, now that I scrolled up and know that LACE is involved....for free!  Oh for 24 hrs in the day to spend just knitting!

I am finishing up a little shawl for my daughter, using Knit Picks' Imagination yarn in a colorway called "Pirate King." I am using the Holden Shawlette pattern, a freebie from Ravelry,  but extending it by 2 full border repetitions since I have plenty of yarn. If I were not extending it beyond the pattern, I would have only 3 1/2 rows to go before a picot bind-off... This pattern works up very quickly and is lovely.

Very nice!

I am working on the Rock Island shawl, the chinook shawl, a pair of cookie A BFF socks and a pair of stripey socks. I just finished Hogwarts express which is pretty awesome to knit :).

Wow!! Talk about productive.  Do you ever sleep LOL?  What type of project is Hogwarts express?

Hogwarts express is a really neat shawl pattern whch has owls made from cables on the bottom.



If you are interested in the rest of my projects then you can see them on my video podcast. :)



I sometimes sleep but I think I may knit in my sleep too.

LOL  I do that.  I also spin in my sleep.  Okay, yes, I'm dreaming because I usually have the most luxuriously expensive fiber.  What's funny is that I have the knitting and spinning dreams when I'm not doing it much in real life.  Like my mind is saying "remember how much you love this?  Isn't this wonderful?  Then why aren't you doing more of it, blockhead?"  Sometimes I swear I can feel the smack to the back of my head.

I've knit in my sleep before - having spent a considerable time knitting on something during the day, I have seen knitting in my dreams. Not an unpleasant dream... But the next knitting I do is to undo a quarter of a row down about 2 inches where I began to make a ridge that shouldn't have been there... or began a ridge that was supposed to be there and stopped... sigh. Musta kept knitting too long after bedtime.

Knitting when tired is pretty fatal for me. If I don't make a mistake I forget where I have got to and then spend half an hour the next day counting stiches or rows. I have also knit when drunk before which is a really bad idea.


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