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So what is everyone working on at the present time?

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I am working on a pair of Cookie A Rick socks for my mom, some Ashbury mitts also for my mom, and a pair of striped socks that I'm working on for me.  Couple new things stewing in my brain and a couple things that I have been neglecting but want to get back to working on.  

I recently frogged my Holden Shawl project (Holden' Onto Friends project on Rav.) because I decided I wanted it a little looser.  I'm going up two needle sizes for the next attempt! =)

Then I'll go searching through my queue for what to CO next.

I just frogged about um 8 rows or so to get to the bad one. Now I have to check that I got everything stabilized before I go on... I think the whole process it going to take about 3 hours, from the first rippit to the last replacing or the markers. But I like the look of this shawl and mine's nice and loose.

How's it going?

I'm having too much fun with my new spinning wheel to be knitting anything!

awwww...that is too kewl Cheryl..

Have you been spinning long, Cheryl? I have always been tempted but I know if i start i would become hooked and it's another expense I can't afford at the moment.

Lynsey, I started drop spinning in 2010 after Peggy Stuart and Susan the Blue Lake Knitter twisted my arm until I gave into the temptation. I immediately knew I wanted to wheel spin, but it took me forever to figure out what kind of wheel I wanted. I finally ended up getting a Schacht Cherry Matchless. I decided on it last November but it wasn't shipped until a few weeks ago. If I hadn't been able to get a cherry edition, I would have gotten a regular Matchless, but I'm so glad I was able to get a cherry. She is a real beauty and spins like a dream. From the time I decided I wanted to wheel spin, I ended up collecting a few drop and support spindles and love each and everyone of them and probably could have several spinning wheels if I could have resisted all my spindles.

I'm so excited for you Cheryl and glad to hear that you are so thrilled with your new wheel.  I am still saving, but I have also started down the slippery slope of purchasing spindles.  Okay, I've only bought one, but I am so in love with how perfectly it spins that I know I will be getting more.  And I've been looking at support spindles recently, too.  And then there's the fiber. . . Makes saving for a wheel difficult with all of the other lovelies to buy.

Dawn, that is one of the reasons it took me so long to get a wheel. But I wouldn't dare trade any of my spindles for a wheel. Each is a work of art.

here's a quick photo of my WIP's and some finished projects.

the green lace project is the GABLE Scarf in KP's Canopy Lace Tonal yarn. it's my first lace project and it's riddled with mistakes :) for some reason i'm always 1 stitch short or 1 over! oh well, i'll keep at it.

the mitts on the top right are my test knit for ADA LOVELACE mitts. i'm not sure if Becky has released the pattern yet, but it's a really pretty pattern. the yarn is mercerized cotton.

the cabled hat is just a basic cable pattern, but the yarn I spun from Shepherd's Song Creations wool (our very own Nutty4Knitting). It's Navajo-Churro wool and I spun as a single.

the blue sock is a new pattern i'm trying out based on a Hawaiian image. the yarn is KP Stroll in Midnight Heather and Blue Topaz.

the red sock is my Yin Yang Sock pattern, yarn is KP Stroll in Black and Firecracker Red.

i also started another pair of socks using 2 fingering weights and 1 lace weight. we'll see how the pattern turns out :)

last night and today i dyed up 10 pieces of yarn/fiber and of course, i'm at a loss of what to work on next . . . maybe i'll go spin some yarn. . .

Ooh, I have some of Nutty's churro that I should spin.


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