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Oh wow!  Really beautiful work

Thanks. The pink one is super long around 7 or 8'. Cant remember right now but only 8" at its widest point. Stuck it on the tree since I wasnt about to go freeze myself outside for a picture.

Congratulations!!  And even though the one didn't qualify, I think it's lovely!

Thanks. I'll get one more done this year, for a total of 13 and I wasnt able to knit for over 2 months due to neck problems.

Well done as usual, Love the patterns and the colors.  Congratulations on completing your goal for 2011.  ♥♥♥

Final shawl for 2011 it is a pattern from Ralvery called 10 in 2010 Shawl by Janine Le Cras. 

Ended up completing 13 shawls this year, while the goal for next year is 12.  Need to sit down and decide the first few shawl patterns for this year.  Hope to do some beaded shawls for next year.  The shawl above is made of lace weight yarn and I do like the lighter weight of the shawl.  Happy New Year to all and Happy Knitting in 2012. ☺☺☺

Is this a top down or bottom up shawl? What lace yarn is this made in? First of my 12 is well on its way. Vaire' in worsted for my very picky sister who said the 50" long scarf by Anne Hanson wasnt long enough so this puppy according to pattern is 105"! Think it will satisfy her legnth requirement and now she says make it wider. Gagh! She wont wear a triangular shawl, must be rectangular. Well too bad, this is a crescent shaped shawl. I have no idea where I'm gonna block this monstrosity sized shawl.

In about oh 3 months I might finish advent scarf. First beaded one. And dang putting beads on with a .5mm crochet hook. That thing is tiny but the scarf in lace wt I think may qualify as a stole. Based on what I have done this sucker is another long one. At least 7 or 8' I think.

ROFLMSO!!  Angel, you crack me up!!  If that one doesn't satisfy your sister, then maybe you should just make her some socks! =)

She already said NO SOCKS. Blanket or scarf. Bought her a blanket which she somehow got holes in it. It was a knitted one. Gasp.

O Goodness!!  Now I'm feeling like I should be hunkering down for the biggest battle of the year!  "Will she like it ~ Or will she not! Is Angel done when she binds off this project......or will the sister pull another objection out of her hat?"

Sorry!!  That probably sounds very cynical, especially concerning someone I don't even know!!  But I've been dealing with some 'micro-managing' issues myself over the last few days, and I'm still very irritated.

Seriously, I hope this one is just perfect for her so you can cross that off your list for good! =)

Angel it's a top down pattern and I used Knit Picks, Bare, Merino Wool, Silk Lace.  Sis is a bit picky but that seems to be the way of things when it comes to family. LOL

This is lovely, Phyllis!!  I only wish I could finish 3 shawls in a year, let alone the numbers some of you ladies are accomplishing!  =)


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