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I didnt think I could either so I just set a goal, one that didnt have to be reached. I said 11 in a year pffft your dreamin. So set second realistic goal of 2. I surprised myself with 13. A few were in worsted wt so were quicker.

I've been on this thread in the KP Lovers group on Ravelry and gotten some very good ideas for sorting and managing my stash and projects, and I've begun the year in my own group with a WIP event.  I'm really motivated to get these things under control 'cause there are so many projects I wish I'd have gotten done and feel I've cheated the person I wanted to give it to, as well as myself.  I'm going to add your 'set a realistic goal' to the list and see if that helps me, too!!  Of course, family life, and especially the addition of the Wee One this year, might work against me even where small goals are concerned, but nothing ventured, nothing gained!!

Ok, went out today and got some clear beads and have decide to make Madli's Shawl from Nancy Bush's, Knitted Lace of Estonia.  Sitting here now trying to decide where I want the beads and I think the best place maybe at the closure of the nupp.  If anyone out there has another idea on where to put beads please sound off.  Thanks in advance : )  :  )

What size beads? If big enough this nupp avoider would replace nupps with beads.

I picked up 8mm, maybe I should have gone larger but this is my first time out.  I've be practicing the crochet hook method and I'm having to use a size 14 to bead with.

Mine are 6/0 or 4mm. You might be able to replace nups with beads. Did I mention my dislike of nupps?

I call them popcorn's and finish the entire stitch at once.  Can't handle going back and picking up the 7/9 stitches on the purl side.  Using a bead instead of a nupp is an interesting idea.  I'm about to cast on for practice and I think I'll try it both ways.  Thanks :  )

Oh geez a 9 stitch nupp. I had issues with a 5 stitch nupp. I put nupp stitches on locking stitch marker and tugged a little on it and when I was needing to purl those stitches I got them on needle then took locking stitch marker off.

I used 6mm instead of nupps on The Wedding Shawl.  I didn't use the crochet hook method, though.  I strung the beads on the yarn before knitting.  Although I would choose the hook method over this most of the time, on this shawl I was glad I had strung the beads.  At one point I had loose stitches running down 3-4 rows, in the beaded section!  I didn't lose any beads like I would have if I'd done it the other way.

Nutty that shawl is fantastic are those clear beads or the ones with the silver in the middle.  Thanks for the input ladies have decided to go with putting beads on as seen in The Wedding Shawl but will keep the nupps.  This should be a real challenge to my patience level. Final pic of latest shawl.   Happy knitting to all

Thanks, Phyllis!  =)  I used the silver lined clear beads. 

Hope you'll keep us up to date on how the project goes! =)

And this final pic really puts a much lovelier perspective to your gorgeous shawl!  (Blocking wires just don't do a shawl least not in photos! LOL)

Phyllis, that is amazing!


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