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Can someone please reccomend a needle size for a shawl knit out of fine lace weight yarn. I am having some problems finding the correct size.

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Haha - PickleSue, I am just itching to get my hands on some cobweb-weight yarn. (Any advice is welcome...)

Mary - TheGossamerWeb on etsy specializes in cob-web (or as she calls it frog hair) weight yarn. This section has 2800yd (2600meter) skeins. Is this what you had in mind?

Ooh - yeah! Thanks!

The Gossamer Web is owned by Fleegle. It is her book Fleegle Spins Supported that is amazing. I only hope that some day I can spin supported with 1/4 the expertise that Fleegle has. Those yarns are spun by Fleegle. I believe she spins them on a support spindle, not on a wheel.

In my insanity, I had an urgent desire to knit a wedding veil for my daughter, who is not even seeing anyone but will someday. (She is just a few days shy of 27.) I did a beautiful test swatch, but for the life of me, I could not get the first repeat started without it flipping over on my needle! FINALLY, after about the fourth total rip-out, I left the messed up part on and used some colored tatting thread to knit a breaker of a few rows and then re-started. AND weighed down the work with small safety pins. I figured that  I could use the messed up and tatted parts as a provisional cast-on, to be removed at the end when I add the border. I have FINALLY successfully done one full repeat of the pattern. I really am eager to continue, but am currently working on a sweater for our son. I found that a 16" Knitter's Pride Dreamz circular was my best bet - stitches don't slide back on the needle while I am working.

Happy Thanksgiving! Almost time to get up and put the bird in the oven. Got up for a little sip of water.

What I've done in the past is check Ravelry.  I click on where you can see other people projects and then in the upper right corner I click on "advanced search".  It brings you to the normal search screen and then you can select what weight yarn you are using.  Then you can see what needle size other people used and what the finished project may look like.  I use this method a lot when I'm doing lace projects.


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