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Can someone please reccomend a needle size for a shawl knit out of fine lace weight yarn. I am having some problems finding the correct size.

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What size do they suggest? Do you knit loose or tight? Are you in the process of making swatch(es)?

the pattern calls for a normal lace weight with a 5mm needle. My gague is usually about spot on. I've started on a 5mm and then went down to a 4mm but due to the pattern using estonian stiches k3tog, yo, k3tog into the same 3 stitches etc I am having some difficulty. I may have to give up and use normal lace weight but it was the yarn I had to hand.

I have not done any Estonian items, but I think they probably tell you what the gauge would be in a particular setting to determine your final needle size. Are they saying the gauge should be set by a bit of pattern stitch, or by stockinette?

You mentioned giving up and  having to use lace weight yarn, what size yarn are you using?  If you are having problems with the stitches you may need to go with a larger needle, but it mentioned a gauge, try to get as close to it as you can.



I'm using a fine lace weight. To give you some idea it's 1600 yards to 100g it's pretty much cobweb weight. The pattern doesn't give gauge as it's a test knit.

Lynsey, knitting lace often requires using a needle bigger than what you would typically use. Since this is a test knit, I suggest you contact the designer and ask what the gauge is supposed to be. If your gauge is too small, your finished piece will be smaller than the designer intended. And if your gauge is too big, your finished piece will be larger than the designer intended.

I am new to lace knitting, what size needle do you suggest for just basic lace patterns, i.e.  Scarves?

What weight of yarn are you using?

It's the Baby Alpaca Lace Weight.  It took me 2 days to re-roll it into a ball.  Thinking of getting a ball winder.

:) It's nice yarn. Do you know what you are going to knit?


Just an idea- but you might find the yarn you're using on Ravelry and look at the projects others are making with it.  Then see what needle size people are using on projects similar to yours?  I have some cobweb weight that I'm dreading using (kind of).  Lol. 


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