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Does anyone have a tip for keeping KnitPicks interchangeable needles together tightly?  I've been working on a lace shawl using shadow lace yarn and interchangeable needles.  The needles tend to unscrew a little bit and the yarn is so thin it catches as soon as there is the slightest gap.

No matter how much I tighten the needles they're apart again after a row or two.  Has anyone had this problem and conquered it?


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Try using some sort of gripping material. I know some have used rubberized shelfing material, but I always have quilting needle pullers that I use just for this purpose. I never have a problem with my needle tips unscrewing from cables.

I have a little rubber circle in my tip bag.  I put the metal "key" in the whole and use the rubber to grip the needle for extra "umph".  If I'm tightening the harmony tips I tighten with the rubber on the metal part that screws onto the cable.  I found the rubber circles at Wal-mart in the home area.  It came in a pack of 6 and I use the others for opening jars and such.

I have had this problem and I DID conquer it. I have both the nickel and the harmony interchangeable tips. I have learned to ALWAYS use the key. I now it doesn't seem like it does anything but it does. I also use a tiny piece of rubbermaid rubber shelf liner. about 1 inch by 1 inch would be all you would need, only enough to get a grip on the needle tip. Please note that whenever tightening your harmony wood points ALWAYS tighten using the the metal part and not the wood (the tip can loosend and that could be disastrous!).

Hope that helps...good luck with your lace project!


I do the same thing, only with a little piece of discarded heavy rubber glove - about 2" square or less.  I also check my tips every few rounds to make sure they are staying tight... paying attention can prevent disaster.

I agree with everyone's tips so far... but would add what I do.  I found one of the old fashioned key rings that is the 'ball' type of chain.  I threaded a key for the needles and a rubberband onto it.  (the wide blue kind that comes on broccoli) Then threaded the chain through the zipper pull on my needles case.  It's always there- can't lose it- and you can do the entire tightening/loosening maneuver without taking anything apart, since the rubberband is so flexible- it can stretch to where you need it once the key is in place.  I was going to do a blog post on this subject once and title it 'Where do you keep your keys and rubbers?'  LOL!!  but thought I better not.  Lol.

That would have been a good one...LOL 


Brilliant idea!



Great suggestion -- I'll try this.

Thanks for all your suggestions (and the laughs, PickleSue!).  I'll try them tonight.

The laughs are the best part, right?!?  ;)


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