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Yeah! I finally finished the scarf except for the "knitted cord cast off" Not sure how to do this. I will have to 
bring this to the yarn shop for help. I will post a pic when it is bound off and blocked! Can't wait to start 
a new project. Thanks to all with your encouraging words and tips.

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Sounds like an I-cord BO. Try looking it up under that name.
Debra if its going to be awhile before you get back to the LYS you might try Youtube it has several cord bind off videos. Good luck and happy knitting.
Congratulations, Debra. Let us know if we can be of help.
Thanks to you all. I will try these suggestions.
Peggy, your right. Thats what it is.
It isn't that hard. It's like making I-cord, only you k one of the sts to be BO with the last st in the rnd of I-cord.
I've never done an I-cord. I've seen people twisting a long cord that I thought was an I-cord, but I've never heard of this. I am a visual learner, so I think watching a video will help. I may stop in my LYS today and ask for help. They're very good about that.
It's nice if you can get help. To make I-cord, you use dpns. CO 3-5 sts, or however many the pattern says. Don't turn your work. Hold it in your left hand with the active yarn to the left. Bring e active yarn around and knit the sts again in the same direction, pulling fairly tightly on the first st. Keep repeating, and you have I-cord. For the I-cord BO, you do the same thing, only the last st each time gets knitted together with the st that comes off your project.
I'm not sure what directions your pattern gives but here are some examples of I-cord bind-off.

Good job, Video Queen!
You are welcome, from

Oh to be that young again!
Thanks Cheryl. I think the applied i-cord bind off is going to work.</</i>i>


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