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I have been working on the Fall/Winter Seasons shawl for about a week now.  It's my first time working with shadow, and I LOVE IT!  The fabric I am getting using it double stranded on US 5's is wonderful.  Drapey and warm, but not too heavy.  And I love the colors.


I'm nearing the end of the falling leaves motifs.


There is a revision to the chart on the KP web site in the pattern errata section, for anyone who isn't aware of that yet.


I have a question about the number of repeats of the falling leaves chart, going across the row in the final two sections, which are rows 1-12 of the chart, knit with one strand of C and D (Sunset Heather and Vinyard Heather) and then rows 13-24 of the chart, knitted with two strands of D (Vinyard Heather).


I have more repeats that what the pattern says I should have.


Is this an error on my part earlier in my knitting of the shawl, or an error in the pattern which hasn't yet been caught and had an erratum listed for it?  Or am I just reading the correct words and interpreting them differently than the pattern designer intended.


I was fine up until the section before that, kniting the entire chart (rows 1-24) with two strands of C (Sunset heather) held together, so I'm doubting that I made a mistake earlier.


Thanks in advance for your help.

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Beth, I don't have that pattern though I think it is very lovely. I suggest you click here and send an email to customer service. Scroll about half way down the page and you will see a place for pattern questions. They don't always manage to see all the blogs and discussions.
I solved that problem, having discussed it with customer service/tech support. Either I was just misinterpretign the pattern, or there was a misprint/error. Either way, I continued as I was going it and had the correct number of stitches when I went on to the snowflakes pattern.

I'm mostly through the snowflakes, which has taken a lot of knitting. Each row is over 525 stitches, and I still have one more increase to go, which will get me up to 550 stitches/row.

On row 49, I think there may be an error in the chart. The pattern repeat is supposed to increase by 1 stitch, from 21 stitches/repeat to 22 stitches/repeat. The first stitch is a YO, which is not paired with a compensatory decrease, and would increase the repeat length. The third YO (don't have the chart in front of me but I think it was stitch 6) is followed by two plain squares, or k2 stitches (stitches 7-8). This would increase the pattern repeat by another stitch again, but only one of the previously grayed out "no stitch" boxes turned white on this row. So I think that there is supposed to be YO-K2tog-K1 for stitches 6-8. That keeps the stitch count correct.

I asked about this on Ravelry, but didn't get a response yet.

If anyone has gotten to this point, or is better at deciphering charts than I am, I'd appreciate your thoughts.
Beth, again, I wish I could help. I'm glad customer service was of help. This pattern still isn't available so I don't have the ability to look at the charts. Sorry! There are a couple of erratas here and here.
It was an mistake, and Nina (the designer) had the errata page updated to reflect this correction. She replied to me on he Ravely thread I started about this question.
I am so glad you pointed this out...I had the errata that was originally posted and didn't have the rest of it. I've been going NUTZ cuz it just wasn't working and I couldn't figure out why. Now I know!
Can you discuss this further? I'm confused at this point in the pattern. If you continue rows 13-24, seems to me that you wouldn't have the right number of repeats. If you start over with rows 1-12, nothing will line up. I'm hoping to hear from Customer Service next week (sent an e-mail), but this is really buggging me. Thanx in advance.
I had another problem with the last line of the icicles pattern. I was knitting on my way home from a work trip, and decided to wing it. What I improvised seems to have worked, and the shawl is now bound off and about to be blocked.

In the mean time, I am curious about the chart line that threw me for a loop.
The bulk of the motif is a 23 stitch repeat, and includes two ssk's which are offset by a M1L and a YO, and two k2tog's which are offset by a M1R and a YO, so the stitch count remains 23 stitches. There are 6 plain knit stitches between the decreases and the first of the increases.
On row 9 of the pattern, the stitch count increases to 25 stitches. There are still 4 increases, but only a single SSK and a single K2tog. There are 8 plain knit stitches between the decreases and the first of the increases.

When I knit row 9, according to the chart, the stitches lined up and I was fine.

On the final row of the pattern, row 11, the stitch count is charted as still being 25 stitches. There is again a single SSK and a single K2tog. There is a M1R and M1L, AND A "YO 3 Times". There are 9 plain knit stitches charted between the decreases the the first of the increases.

What I gleande from the chart is that the decreases should be lined up in the center of the motif, and the triple YO is supposed to create a large eyelet atop a column of knit stitches which are flanked by YO's along the icicle pattern, creating the point of the scalloped edging. The only way I could do this, which does require 9 plain knit stitches between the decreases in the center of the motif and the M1's, was to change the YO 3 times. To have things line up, I needed to increase 2 stitches, not 3. So I knitted the stitch that was the column on knit stitches between the YO's, but wrapped the yarn around the needle 3 times. This gave me the 3 stitches I needed on the next row (to do k1 p1 k1 into the 3 loops of the triple YO) but only increased the stitch count by 2 stitches, not 3.

Not sure if I'm explaining it well or not.

What I did worked. Not sure if this is pattern error, my knitting error, or my difficulty understanding the chart.

Bottom line is I was able to improvise a solution and I have a beautiful shawl about to be blocked.
I don't even have this pattern, and I think you did a terrific job explaining it.

Beth - I just finished my Fall/Winter Shawl and am delighted. Like you, I made (unintentional) changes in the pattern. Like that triple YO... in hindsight, I would do it differently. Other things I would do differently would include using more markers.  At the ends of every repeat. The hardest part for me was during that snowstorm at the end of the blue section. WOW! But ultimately, I defy ANYONE to find the irregularities. There were a couple of places where I gave up finding out why I had leftover stitches or a couple missing and faked it. (That's when I rued the lack of  repeat markers. Hmm...)


Anyway, I just finished my shawl last week, and am SO happy with it! It's SO warm and yummy, and yet so lightweight you forget you're wearing it. (Believe me, it's awesome to wear it during this cold snap up here in New England!)


Having conquered in the face of adversity (i.e. it's been years since I did any serious knitting of any kind) I now find myself planning toward a shawl for a potential upcoming wedding. Not for me - for the bride. Wish me luck!

You'll do great.  Good luck though.  Join us in knitting along on any shawl you wish to make.  We would love to see pics.  And if you get stuck, post a note about it, and someone here will pitch in and try and help you. 



LONG pause from here... I made one shawl for my Jennie, the Brimnes shawl by Evelyn Clark, but after blocking it, I found a GLARING error. And besides, she's tall and needed something larger. So I started the Rose Trellis Shawl (found on Ravelry) and I am on the last two or three rows of Chart D. On the last row of that, I will have 800 stitches on my needles! One more chart of the body after that, and I will be able to go onto the edge charts. I will have to be a bit more consistent to get this done for her birthday or Christmas, which are only days apart. (Funny - my DIL to be and my daughter are both Jennifers and their birthdays are 2 days apart.) The good thing is that I've done the pattern through several rounds now and if something's not right, I can find the error and fix it! Life is good!
Yes, Life is Good!


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