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I have been working on the Fall/Winter Seasons shawl for about a week now.  It's my first time working with shadow, and I LOVE IT!  The fabric I am getting using it double stranded on US 5's is wonderful.  Drapey and warm, but not too heavy.  And I love the colors.


I'm nearing the end of the falling leaves motifs.


There is a revision to the chart on the KP web site in the pattern errata section, for anyone who isn't aware of that yet.


I have a question about the number of repeats of the falling leaves chart, going across the row in the final two sections, which are rows 1-12 of the chart, knit with one strand of C and D (Sunset Heather and Vinyard Heather) and then rows 13-24 of the chart, knitted with two strands of D (Vinyard Heather).


I have more repeats that what the pattern says I should have.


Is this an error on my part earlier in my knitting of the shawl, or an error in the pattern which hasn't yet been caught and had an erratum listed for it?  Or am I just reading the correct words and interpreting them differently than the pattern designer intended.


I was fine up until the section before that, kniting the entire chart (rows 1-24) with two strands of C (Sunset heather) held together, so I'm doubting that I made a mistake earlier.


Thanks in advance for your help.

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I am having an issue with the very begining of the pattern. I had assumed i had made a mistake the first time and ripped it out but i have the same problem again. The set up part says that the odd numbers are the RS of the work but they look like the wrong side to me as it's all purl stitches and once you switch to the chart it looks very odd. Has anyone else had this problem or it is supposed to look like this?

Hi Lynsey,


I just looked over the pattern and it seems like the first 12 rows (the set up section) is supposed to be what you are describing - where in between the border stitches, you purl on the right sides and the wrong sides are knit across, so you are reading it correctly :)



yeah it would seem so but it does look wrong when it's knitted.
also - i just wanted to mention since the set up part is so small, you could easily change the rs rows to be knit stitches and then purl across the row (plus knit 3 at either end for the border) to make it a stockinette section instead. hope that helps!
Linsey, as I said above, I don't have this pattern. Nina is no longer with KP. So you might try to contact her directly on Ravelry. Oops, there have been problems with Ning all day. I don't have a tool bar and I can't remember how to do a link without one. But she is LaNina on Ravelry.
I am very nearly at the end of this shawl i have 12 rows to do and there is no way i have enough yarn to go that far i can possibly do 10 rows if i am very very lucky but i may not even have that much. Does anyone have any siggestions of how i can finish this up.

Sorry, Lynsey, but I've been out of pocket the last couple of weeks. First you might contact customer service about the problem. Or contact Jenny above. Just click on the Message by her name and that should send a message directly to her.

Have you checked on Ravelry to see if anyone else had problems running short? Click here to see if this may help.

Thanks for the suggestions. I have already finished the shawl I had to miss 6 rows and managed to bind off with about 2 yards left over. From what I have read on ravelry a lot of people seem to have had this issue. Anyway it's all done now and I'm delving into the large queue is projects I seem to have lined up.

I am sorry - I did not see this until this morning when Cheryl replied. I did this as the Fall/Winter shawl from the original kit. I did run short of the deep blue and had to order another skein. Fortunately, they had one in the same dye lot. It is possible that it was my gauge, but I don't think I was that far out on that.

Yeah I would have ordered another skein but I am in the UK and can't have it shipped here it has to go via a friend and can take a few weeks. I'm fairly happy with how it turned out anyway although I now need to find someone to give it to.

Well, I'm glad things worked out all right. We'd love to see pictures here of everyone's FO!


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