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Hi Knitters! It was suggested that we get all the errata for the lace sampler patterns together in one thread for easy reference, and I think that's a good idea! Here are the known issues so far:

The Chart legend is missing some instructions for the WS pattern stitches. This is how these symbols should look on the legend, with their instructions:

There are 5 Chinook Shawl charts; on charts 2 and 5, the RS and WS row labels are reversed. For all 5 charts, even-numbered rows refer to the RS and odd-numbered rows refer to the WS.

If you find more issues, please let me know or post them to this thread, so we can get the word out. I'll also be posting errata on the Customer Service section of our website here.

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I have a question that I'm not clear about: are the WS rows worked from left to right or right to left?


All rows are worked right to left, as the piece is worked flat. To read the charts, RS rows are read from right to left; WS rows are read from left to right. Hope this helps!
Thanks, Nina
Glad that I read this... most charted patterns that I have knit from just go right to left - even for the odd rows.. so I had been knitting it like that. And not purling on the wrong side, which seemed odd anyway.
I had knit up to row 30 and discovered something wasn't looking quite right... what I had was coming along very pretty, but it looked nothing like the pattern was supposed to.. Frogged it, and am starting over.

I am confused about one thing though...

"on charts 2 and 5, the RS and WS row labels are reversed.", would this mean that I would prul on say - Row 26 instead of k2tog?
I'm glad that helped! Pieces knit flat are charted like this, so that wrong side rows are read from left to right. Charts fro knitting in the round, however, must be read right to left on every row, because you are essentially never working on the WS when working in the round.

And good question- Sorry I didn't explain this sufficiently. For all 5 charts, even-numbered rows are the RS and odd-numbered rows are the WS, no matter which side of the chart those numbers fall on. Usually the RS rows are labeled on the right side of the chart, and the WS rows are labeled on the left side, because these are the sides that you begin reading the rows on. On Charts 2 and 5 in the Chinook Pattern, the sides were reversed, so RS labels appear on the left and WS labels appear on the right. I think this sounds more complicated than it is!

Just remember that for the body of the shawl, Even rows are RS and Odd rows are WS and you'll be fine. If you use a row-counter or even a sticky-note to mark what row you ended on, you should have no trouble. Hope this helps!
To try and avoid some confusion when I get to that point, I swapped the numbers on charts 2 and 5. Penciled in the even numbers on the right and the odd numbers on the left then whited out the numbers that were printed there. Is that okay? Or will this cause the finished product to somehow be "wonky"?
Thanks for everyones comments and input, it all has been so helpful. And, thanks, Nina for a beautiful pattern! Can't wait to see how it'll turn out!
That's perfectly fine and a great fix! It shouldn't cause any wonkiness. :)
Ok - so just the labels are wrong?
Meaning... I would still knit the even rows as right to left, and the wrong side rows as left to right?
Just making sure - I'm just at that chart now, and I'd hate to have to frog.
Yes, the numbers are on the opposite sides of where they should be. Put the even #'s over on the right and continue to work from right to left. Put the odd #'s on the left and continue to work from left to right.

Thanks to my wonderful co-worker, Yarnsniper, who pointed this out to me! (AND got me involved with knitting this project along with her. I'm so excited to be doing this with her;)
Yeah, I was one of those people that couldn't decide on which color set I wanted so I bought 2 & Shalomraqam bought the colors that didn't exactly fit into my beach-to-sea theme :) That's called enabling I think!

As for the pattern, I noticed it when I got to Row 26 & the number was on the same side as Row 25. I personally don't think it's too big of a deal, just a bit confusing.
I did the exact same thing and renumbered charts two and five after I did three rows backwards. It's worked out perfectly now.
Yes, you are exactly right. I hate frogging too!


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