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Well I'm happy to say that my shawl is coming along nicely once we got the pattern straightened out. I'm starting to think ahead to the blocking process.  I've watched the KP video on blocking but now I'd like some input from you as to your favorite methods.  What do you block your lace on?  Should I invest in blocking pins?, etc.

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I wet block. Blocking pins are usually stainless steel, I think, which helps prevent any rusting of the pins.

I use stainless steel T-pins and wet block by pinning my shawls to the carpet.  Okay, not the most elegant of solutions, but it works.  I keep thinking I'd like to invest in some of those blocking mats, mostly because I'd have a straight line somewhere as a guide for the long edge....maybe someday.

I too just pin things straight to the carpet.  The carpet actually sort of holds onto the fabric a bit, so there was a little issue with he fabric wanting to stay where it first landed, but I just picked up the center after the edges were blocked the right size and adjusted it accordingly.  As we speak my first shawl (lace) is downstairs, pinned to the living room floor :)

I love blocking wires! I use them to get all of my edges straight and then I like to use t-pins to keep the wires in place as I stretch out my shawl. Blocking wires and t-pins are a complete must-have for my blocking. It is really fun to block lace projects, it always feels like I am getting a whole new project as it transforms :)

Exactly what I do for larger or most projects...I use the lace blocking wires and T pins I purchased from Knit Picks..also got their blocking interlocking blocks.

I also agree...when you see a project do not really see the true beauty of all your hard work until you block it...


For those who use the KP blocking blocks, I think it was KP Alison who mentioned you can make it so your blocks are on the outer edges of your project and place towels in the middle to make your blocks stretch further.

I thought lace knitters should look at Erica Jackofsky's blog post on Knitting Lace Shawls. I think it gives a good explanation of how blocking completes a lace shawl.


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