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I just started knitting Frankie Brown's Ten Stitch Twist Blanket. She has the neatest charity concept - she's selected a charity close to her heart - the Children's Liver Disease Foundation, and offers her patterns free on Ravelry, hoping that those who use her patterns will donate to the charity. This is a great way to support a charity when you select a pattern, then you can also give the finished product away to another charity if you like.

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That is beautiful. I'm still looking for a good baby blanket pattern, and this might be the one. Only problem is the W&T - one of my knitting nemisses... cannot get it at all. It ruined my first attempt at a short row heed (though I found another method that avoided the W&T. Can someone explain this one to me? If so, I might be able to use this pattern. It looks like a lot of fun... Very modern, and a fun quick knit I would say. (Except for the W&T.)
In the Mr.Foster knit along cherylbwaters has some great videos from youtube that explain this. I can't look it up right now, but she offered several that are great, especially the one from cat bordhi (sp) Hope this helps you out.

ps.l will check back later to get that for you if you don't find it first.
I didn't jump on the Mr. Foster thing, and last week I started looking over some of the info on the knitting and saw the W&T - and closed the page! I have read and reread instructions on this technique, but I just do not think it is necessary... there has got to be a better way!
I am with you Susan on the W&T's. I can do the wraps and turn part ok, but when it comes time to knit those with the stitches (as on socks), I can never find the stitches, so I just leave them in. There really isn't that much of a difference. Wendy mentioned Cat Bordhi (sp?), but is it me or is she just too darned confusing in her videos?
I hate to sound so defiant about the W&Ts, but I do not get it... there must be a better way. When I tried it on socks, I did my best, but the heels looked so bad that I put them up and haven't touched them since. Shortly after that I found a short row heel that did not require the W&T and tried that and it WORKED! So when I knit my Cookie A socks I used the short row heel without the W&T. And they turned out fine!
Many people are BIG cat fans, but from what I've read/viewed on videos... well I guess we can take or leave any info out there... I prefer to leave it!
P.S. I refuse to do a provisional cast on too... for the very same reason. I found a better way to do it! That works!
Susan, then I would try that method here to see if it works. I've seen that method in my research and I have used that or something similar in my patterns. I think it should work here.

Let me know if you try it for this blanket.
I am knitting Frankie's square ten stitch blanket. The pattern says to wrap the stitches to turn the corner, but I also hate doing wraps (That is what you are talking about, right?:). Instead, I knit one row, turn, slip 1 st, knit to end. Row 2: K 9 sts, turn, slip 1 st, k to end, and so on. When I have 1 st left: k 1, turn, k 1, k 2 tog, pick up 1 st, and so on. I don't know how you would knit the circular blanket with no wraps, but I will look at the pattern and try to figure it out. ( I haven't tried this and doubt that it will work, but try slipping the stitches that are supposed to be worked with the w&t)
Your blanket looks great and just in time, I have to relatives that are expecting, one in December and one who is 3 months along, and both can knit. One is already making 2 blankets so I can't really make her one, but the other, I have no idea if she is going to knit a blankie. I don't know what she likes to knit, just heard through her mother that she knits. My only concern is that I feel palette is a bit rough for a baby blanket. What do you think, because, Lord knows I don't have a shortage of palette yarn.
Palette also is not machine washable, and a new mother might prefer washability. The pattern is actually written for worsted (I am double stranding fingering to get similar gauge), so it would be lovely in Swish Worsted or Comfy Worsted - both machine washable and very soft.
I love this pattern. I like anything new and different. I probably won't make it just now as I have a lot of other projects, but I am definitely adding it to my list. Another great stash buster. Thanks for sharing.
Tina, I absolutely love this pattern. This is a great charity project. I have several Christmas stockings to do, then a couple of holiday gifts. I really need to work on some of my KP projects but this is an absolute must on my list.
She also has a pattern that is the same concept of the 10 stitces but is square. ALso on ravelry. I downloaded it-- looks like another simple one, but it also has the dreaded W and T.


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