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Some may know me some may not but I am looking for knitters to knit fingerless mitts that I can donate to dialysis centers to counteract cold hands when dialyzing. It's called steal (sp) syndrome which is just fancy talk for not enough blood moving to fingers while dialyzing. If interested post a message or send me a message here on knitpicks site.

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I'd be happy to do this. Do you have a pattern?
It's basically any fingerless mitt that has no more than a 3" cuff so dialysis techs can access the graft/fistula. I have decided on fingerless that way patients can still hold a book to read, the remote control for their personal tv's in most centers. Or to even hold a cup of water. That becomes difficult with a full mitten.
Angelkarhu, this is wonderful.  Can you send an address to mail finished mitts to?
I'd love to help. Please send me a message w/details.
If you have a simple pattern, I would be glad to try a pair or 2. I have never done mittens or gloves. I have done socks and some other projects. Should we just give them to a local place that does dialysis? Would the patients keep them (I would think so) or just use them while having the treatment and be passed to the next person?
I do have a simple pattern I did for mine that I can write up. Due to some copywriting issues using a Wendy Johnson or anyone elses pattern may be a violation of copywrite law unless I specifically ask her which I can send her a message asking that. The idea was for the patients to keep them. I was thinking of having a note of my charities name and the first name of the knitter who made them attached to each pair or single mitt since in my case only the dialyzing had gets cold. I only have knitted a pair. I do not know how to crochet but will accept them as long as they do not violate copywrite law. It's confusing I know but I don't want to end up being sued over this.

What a wonderful idea! Fingerless mittens are usually pretty quick and you can use up your odds and ends as well. On ravelry, there are many simple and free fingerless mitts patterns.


Wendy Johnson has a simple pattern on ravelry and it is a free pattern for knitted fingerless mitts.


If you crochet, here is a pattern that seems like it work nicely.


We also have a few free downloads on the KP website for fingerless mitts that have some patterning on them if you are looking for something with a stitch pattern incorporated into the design. Click here and scroll all the way down to see the free downloads.


Hope this info helps and the best of luck in getting mitts to this great cause.



Where would we send them and how long do we have to knit them?
Since I'm starting out as a small charity right now sending them here to me seems most logical to me if that's ok with you. That way I can put the little tags on them. I was hoping to have enough to donate by mid April or so. I need time to make the tags and try to get name of charity trademarked. I can send you a message for where to send if you like.
Yes, please do.  I would love to help.

I wanted to send a message but have to be a friend in order to do so. I wanted to ask some questions regarding this. I would very much like to assist, but would also need a pattern to complete them. I've only been knitting a couple of years and not accomplished enough to figure out how to do them without a pattern. There is a dialysis clinic in my own city that would probably like them as well so could knit for both. I would need to know what kind of yarn (i.e.: DK sport, worsted, bulky, etc.), approximately how much yarn for each set, etc. Please contact me regarding this so I can start.  Thank you.



I got your friend request and will send the pattern I used for the one I made. What's the name of dialysis center near you? For my fingerless mitt I used fingering wt, aka sock yarn. Each pair doesn't take much yarn, I'd say a ball/skein will make a pair or more. I'm currently using left over yarn from the multitude of socks I have knitted. I'm gonna donate to my current dialysis center which is owned by Fresenius. Though my goal is mid April, March 12 is National Kidney day so if you can donate any by then that would be great but not mandatory. Sorry it took so long to reply still getting over an allergic reaction to an antibiotic.


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