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I've been following cherylbwaters wonderful tribute to her sister on her blog. Since I recently lost my daughter to ovarian cancer, I decided I wanted to honor both my daughter, Lynn, and Cheryl's sister, Kathy, by knitting cure caps in honor of them. When I had my own chemo it was during the coldest MI winter in ages and I needed to keep warm. But now I live on the coast of GA. Keeping cool and also protected is what is needed here. A nurse friend said she knit a cap similar to the KP's Easy Peasy cap when she was dealing with breast cancer and found that she could then put a wide-brimmed hat over it. If there are others who are interested in knitting along with me, I'd love to have some company. Surely all of us have local community needs for cure caps. I think the soft KP's Comfy or organic cotton will work very well here in the hot south.

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Ramona, you always give such uplifting thoughts on giving to those in need.
Thanks, Ramona, for your hard work and prayers, too. I appreciated the caps I received during my chemo and am grateful now to be able to give back. One time as I was sitting and waiting to get the chemo, I happened to sit next to another patient who was knitting caps for others. She moved me with her ability to do that while in the midst of her own treatment. I don't know who she was, but she inspired me, as well as did Cheryl and all the others in this group. We're never alone.
Martha, I think it so important for all of us to give in whatever manner we can give. Sometimes it's knitting cure caps, sometimes it's just being there. Little things do matter.
Absolutely, Cheryl. BTW, I just joined another knit/craft group on Yahoo. These are people who live full or part time in RV's and also do various crafts. In introducing myself, I mentioned the Cure (vs Chemo) Caps. Now lots of them are calling them by your sister's name for them.! Many were already knitting them...just gave them a new name.
Oh, Martha, thank you so much for spreading the word. I know my sister is smiling down on that. I'm off to send a quick email to my niece. I know that will mean a lot to her.
Glad to join in her smiles! Bet my daughter is, too.

I have a photo of the Cure Cap with cables I made- one of the patterns you found- but none of the Gilda's House slouch hat. I'll try to take one of those today and then include both here. What size did you say photos should be? We are in the midst of moving from the RV park in the GA mountains to a new one here on the coast. As well as making some changes to the new RV we bought a month ago so rather busy for a retired person! But I was pleased with how both caps came out and want to share that.
I usually limit my photos to 500 pixels. Still plenty big. I bet your daughter is smiling down too. We were passing an RV the other day wondering if they live in the RV or what. How about you? I just don't know if I could fit all my knitting, roving and all the related items in one!
Yes, we live in our RV full time..or will be back to full time in a month. You do have to limit the stash, but thankfully yarn doesn't weigh much so weight isn't a problem. Space and weight have to be considered for Everything! It's amazing what you can live comfortably without. I don't even know what I left at my 'stick' home. We love meeting other travelers and traveling ourselves. I know people who quilt and sew in their Rv's, but I just stick to the smaller craft of knitting. Can you point me to info about adding the photos? I clicked on the 'camera' logo at the top of the reply, but I think there's more to it than that. What I got was a string of gibberish!
Trying again with the photos:

Here's the slouch hat:

I love the slouch hat!
Thanks. If you read further back in these posts I think I put the link for the pattern. It's one designed specifically for the people who use the new MN Gilda's House. I don't know how old you are...Do you remember Gilda Radner of SNL fame? She died of ovarian cancer quite some time ago and the foundation her husband, Gene Wilder, started supports these houses for people with cancer who need support and info. I love the pattern, too.


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