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Last year I knit gifts for my 2 sisters, they got hats and accessories (Cheri got a cowl and Jessica got fingerless gloves). This year Mom and Dad have both requested knitted gifts, I guess they felt left out. Dad loves Harry Potter so he's getting a Harry Potter scarf and Mom *really* wants a pair of yoga socks. I've never knit socks before, so I have a feeling I'm going to need lots of advice!

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Your niece will REALLY appreciate the scarf!! I know my SIL (who is originally from NY...but has lived in NC for 10 years now) can not tolerate the cold ~~ a 40 degree day to her is absolutely arctic FRIGID!! lol!
Your gifts sound wonderful!
Thanks, Denise! The scarf is a soft, soft superwash Merino so it is nice and cuddly. It is about 75% complete, and I hope to have several hours this coming weekend to get it finished. I'm using The Yarn Harlot's "One-row Scarf" pattern, so it is the same on both sides, and easy to knit. sounds AWESOME! I looked up the pattern....what a nice scarf! Your niece is going to love it! Using the Merino....she won't want to take it off!! LOL. Hope you get those hours this weekend to finish your project ~~ I too hope to have a bit of time to catch up on my knitting....we are going to MIL/FIL's house for Thanksgiving, I should be able to sit and knit for a bit (I know that last sentence sounds like Dr. Seuss wrote it....sorry...LOL).
My DH and I are taking Thanksgiving dinner to my sister's. She is in the midst of chemo and does not feel up to either cooking or driving here, so we will take it to her. I hope to have a bit of knitting time to help her finish a hat she is knitting.

Here is a photo of the scarf, taken shortly after I started it:

It is considerably longer now!
Oh...bless her heart...I don't doubt that she isn't feeling up to cooking or driving.
The scarf is lovely....I love the very pretty.
I may have to add this scarf to my "to do" list ... my son asked for me to knit him a hat and mittens...a scarf to go with the set would be great. I'll betcha it would whip up pretty quickly....considering he is only 4 yo...and it wouldn't need to be very long.
Thanks so much for sharing the truly will make a lovely gift.
I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving :)
what beautiful colors...and a great gift....
I have no idea what color my niece's winter coat is, so thought I'd use something with many colors and hope it works! The colors look a little washed out in the photo - they're better in real life.
Those colors are lovely....will brighten anyone's day on a gloomy grey winters day! I would think it would go with just about any color coat she would have too.
That's beautiful!  I love bright warm colors in the winter.
Thanks, Stephanie! The scarf turned out really well, I think. I sent it off to Iowa last week, and hope our niece likes it!
I'm sure she will!  It looks so snuggly.

I am knitting the Ireland neckwarmer in four different colors for my co-workers.  It's going very quickly, which is good because I don't have much time left.  (Still, I have a feeling they might be New Year's gifts . . .)  So far I have the green and red ones finished, and just three more repeats on the purple.  Not bad considering I started on the 12th.  


Before that I was busy knitting the spa kit for my mother.  I mailed it this afternoon and then realized I never photographed it.  Whoops.  It was a very fun kit though, and I'm completely in love with Cotlin now.


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