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Last year I knit gifts for my 2 sisters, they got hats and accessories (Cheri got a cowl and Jessica got fingerless gloves). This year Mom and Dad have both requested knitted gifts, I guess they felt left out. Dad loves Harry Potter so he's getting a Harry Potter scarf and Mom *really* wants a pair of yoga socks. I've never knit socks before, so I have a feeling I'm going to need lots of advice!

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Yes, I know... when I started looking for patterns for blankets, sweaters, etc. I found a bunch of toy patterns, and I'm already saved them, and put them into my Baby Knitting List. In fact with my enormous stash, I doubt that I need to buy very much yarn at all.

I'm planning embroidering the eyes for the baby toy(s), but my older grandchildren's toys will probably have buttons for eyes... they are old enough not to have the shoking on buttons worry.
Awww! He's so cute! Have you seen Mr. Foster's new girlfriend, Carmen?
Yeah! Just what I need, more Mr. F patterns to distract me from all my WIPs and my long, very, very long, queue. I can't wait to see! But I can't do anything else until Mr. F's Halloween costume is completed. I mean the deadline is in 18 days!

Okay, you got me! She's in my cart!
But I really expected her to be dressed more like Carmen Miranda! Doesn't she need a hat ? Check these out:
Carmen Miranda Pictures" target="_blank">
The perfect Carmen Miranda is on the cover of Wild Tea Cosies. Just use finer yarn and smaller needles to scale it down.
PS the name of the pattern IS Carmen Miranda!
OMG, Katie! You are so right! I think that's in my library but if not it will be!
he looks like a sock monkey too! I had one when I was little, and I maded my son one too when he was a toddler..they're just cool...
KP's Mr. Foster and now Carmen Banana are really fun projects. I'd been trying for years to figure out a way to do a sock monkey and Kerin came up with a great way!
Hi Susan,

Have you seen the Mochimochi Land toys? They are super cute & quick - I've made the Grass pattern (free!) and Boo many times - in fact I have a Boo hanging out on my desk! I've made several of the others too, they are just really fun.

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OMG, Stacey. I've got this bookmarked. I'm going to have to go back to it sometime today to get the ninjabun and who knows what else!
Isn't it adorable? I made some ninjabuns for my neices & nephews last year too. All of the MochiMochi toys make great gifts.
Still Boo is my fave.

This will probably be in my cart also.


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