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Last year I knit gifts for my 2 sisters, they got hats and accessories (Cheri got a cowl and Jessica got fingerless gloves). This year Mom and Dad have both requested knitted gifts, I guess they felt left out. Dad loves Harry Potter so he's getting a Harry Potter scarf and Mom *really* wants a pair of yoga socks. I've never knit socks before, so I have a feeling I'm going to need lots of advice!

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I think I'm knitting for everyone. I hope I've started early enough to get it all done. So I've got my husband, mom, stepmoms, brother, 7 nephews, 1 niece, mother in law, grandmother in law, brother & sister in law, sister in law, ex-colleague in DC who I liked working with, doctor who has never had a hand-knitted gift (sad), and a very small assortment of very close friends. Whew. Tiny felted snowmen are going to be my answer to a lot of this. And I'm thinking socks for the nephews and niece. (Don't know how to make socks yet.) I need to create a spreadsheet and a timeline. Whew!
Amy, I think the tiny felted snowmen are a must for so many! I may have to do some. But I have one sister who loves bunnies. So maybe this is in order.
Those bunnies are hilarious, Cheryl! They really made me laugh.
Aren't they great!
Those bunnies are absolutely wonderful! I'm going to have to get that pattern. They had an advertisement for a great snowman pattern on that webpage as well. It had some clever snowman accessories that gave me some ideas - like a "feather boa" scarf, and mittens on a string. I've been knitting away on my snowmen while at the beach on vacation. My nephews were endlessly fascinated at the process, though I don't see them leaping into being knitters themselves. I told them that lots of men knit, but they remain dubious.
The world would be more stress free if more men would knit! I mean Rosie Greer needlepoints! You might show them this video.
I may do what I did last year and anyone who isn't immediate family such as friends and hostess gifts for parties gets a spa cloth. I made up tons of Ball Band dishclothes last year and matched them with a great all natural hand made soap called Sister Agnes Soaps. There is a website for Sister Agnes Soaps---amazing! Pretty to look at and very pungent (in a good way). Knit & Knibble in Tampa carries them in a display for spa cloths and this was after I began doing this so I thought, wow, the lys and I are on the same wavelength. So I matched one or two spa clothes with a fab soap and lined them up like solders for my misc. gift bags for folks.

Nevertheless, everyone in my house got socks! I'm tired just thinking about it. I'll have to stash up on my Lion Kitchen Cotton.
I'm knitting Holiday gifts for my youngest brother and my middle brother so far. Silly household items. My Mom really wants one of our snowmen from last year, I'm hoping I can just lift one from AmyL's stash and that she won't notice...:). My boyfriend wants a sweater for Christmas, I'll probably give that a shot too.
I guess you don't believe that knitting for a boyfriend is a jinx!
I am knitting a green version of the Chinook Shawl for my friend Denise, and a seed stitch scarf and a pair of mittens for my friend Kathy. I think I am going to try and make my mom some sort of sweater or sweater vest... I think sleeveless might be easier for the time being, and she can wear it golfing. I don't think I'm going to make anything for my dad because I doubt he would use it, and I haven't decided on anything for my sister yet. I do think I'm going to make a green scarf for my brother and try to do a white spartan on each end (he goes to Michigan State).

As for my fiance... I have absolutely no ideas. He got a scarf last year that he loves, but he doesn't even wear long sleeves in the winter, so a sweater or sweater vest is pretty much out of the question. I also don't think he would appreciate socks. Any suggestions? I'd love them. Seriously.

I also am likely going to do an assortment of worsted-weight lace scarves for whoever I see fit to bestow them upon. Maybe I can make 40 by January 2 and hand them out as favors at my wedding...
Oooh, I like that idea. But that's a lot of knitting by January 2. Don't forget that there will be other things that need doing before that wonderful day!

Does your fiancé like hats? Maybe a nice simple skull cap?
what is the fascination with skulls in knitwear? I see so many people on Ravelry making them. Ohhhh and I just posted a pick of my sock summit yummines is the sock kal. Heee Heee Heee.


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