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I'm making this hat for my sister. Unfortunately, the directions do not have a finished size let alone a s, m, & l variations. My family has xl heads & I am not advanced enough to figure out how to make it a size to fit us. Any help is much appreciated!! I couldn't find a forum of this hat so if there is one, please send it to me:)

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I can only suggest that you use the Elizabeth Zimmermann principles of measuring said head (!!) and then working out your guage per inch and then cast on the relevant amount of stitches and work the decreases as given in your pattern but spread out over the number of stitches you have....does that make sense!!!????

I made a hat for my husband a week ago and halfway thru didnt like the style on the pattern, so just guessed and winged the decreases and it turned out ok. I guess the most important thing is to get the amount of stitches and sizing right to begin with!!
I have a lot of vintage patterns and they all tend to work up smaller if you are not careful. I think people mustve been a lot smaller a long time ago!!:))
Can you link the hat? I don't know of this pattern.
Looks like a med-large from the picture. I'd cast on, run a thread thru the hat when you do about 3 inches and take off the needles and try on (unless it needs sewing, in which case, pin it and try on.) If it is too small, go up a needle size.
thanks for your help! it would be helpful in the future if knit picks would include a finished size for us mis-shapen people:) if anyone has knitted this hat, please include your finished size so i may be able to save myself (& others) the pain of having to start the hat again.

cherub- i will try to figure that out on my own, we'll see if i'm able to do it correctly!
gwyn- i will def try your suggestion, fortunately, i have access to her to check it.


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