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I love the patterns in this. But I need some help. I am making the little sweater ornaments (SOO cute!) But I am confused by the charts. There are 2 a charts and 2 b charts. So when I make a sweater do I use Both a charts if working a? Or am I supposed to choose one or the other?? Just need some advice here. Thanks

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Hi Nancy!

You just choose one of the A charts or one of the B charts, they don't have to be used together. The idea is that since the kit makes so many ornaments, you can have a variety of the patterns used, so just pick the one that strikes your fancy! Let us know if you have any more questions.
Thanks Nina. I am new to fairisle and just wasn't sure if I should be alternating charts or something!
I gather from your picture you work at Knitpicks. Did you design the tidings of joy ornaments?
Nancy, I have the impression these ornaments were a collaboration of KP designers, BUT Nina is one great designer!
Thanks Cheryl. Are you making these ornaments or other quick Christmas gifts. It seems sometimes I select things that I thought would be quick but it doesn't always come out that way.
I plan to make these ornaments for this season but I first have to get 3 Christmas stockings done. Please ask for any help. Even if I haven't gotten to a specific ornament yet I'll be happy to do my best to help. If I can't help, I'll figure out who can. I was getting ready to look at the patterns when I saw Nina had answered your question. I know it can be confusing sometimes. So feel free to ask any question. There is no such thing as a dumb question, especially a knitting question. We all have different techniques that we prefer to use. There are lots of techniques to achieve the same effect. EX: ssk and sl1, k1, psso. You have to decide which technique works best for you.
Thanks so much. I just got confused over the two charts being provided. It was unexpected and the instructions left me a little u nsure of what I was to do.
DId you find a great pattern for stockings? I have a new grandbaby that will need one this year.
It's my mom's pattern. She made hundreds of them. When she passed away, I took up her tradition. They are my standard wedding and baby gifts.
Actually, Nina designed *all* the ornaments in this kit. She was working on Christmas designs in April!!! :)
How Cool is that!! Great ideas. I won't get them all made by CHristmas, but like having these small projects to whip out. Plan on several sweaters and mittens to put gift cards in.
I hope you all won't be offended, but I would offer a suggestion for next time you print this booklet. There are places where there are column breaks or page breaks that leave a single line kind of hanging there. At times it makes it difficult to follow the pattern. Also, making the titles of each pattern a little bigger would help in finding the individual patterns. I hate saying anything as I really like the patterns and don't want you all to take this the wrong way, but thought I'd just go ahead and say something.
Wow, Nina really is fabulous. But then so are all of KPs employees


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