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I'm sure by now you've seen our adorable Snow Days ornament kit!

What are you planning to do with all the cute little sweaters, sleds, penguins, and garlands you're knitting?

Tell us your ideas by commenting on this thread, and you'll be automatically entered to win 1 of 3 $25 Knit Picks gift cards. Winners will be announced on the Stash Blog on 1/4/11. No purchase is necessary to enter.

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I volunteer at a career tech high school where one of the vocational areas is early chilhood education. The high school students have been eager to learn to make these little ornaments and the children are just delighted to watch and help in any way they can.
i absolutely LOOOOVE the kit!! with all the yarn, i'd make sweaters for all my family! :)
My Mother decorates her tree with the little sweaters- they make excellent candycane holders!! At our house, little girls steal them for their dolls :)
i love the kit! i'd make sweaters for my family :)
  • I've been looking for mini sweater patterns this year, and these are the best ever. I want to knit them for 2011, and I'll put a sewing snap on the inside ribbing of each sweater, so I can hide a gift card in each one. With the snap, I can be sure the card won't fall out before the happy recipent takes his or her sweater off the tree branch. I'll attach a small personalized hang tag on each one.
  • I will make the Christmas lights garland for our beloved 2 foot fiber optic Christmas tree that sits on a side table near our kitchen table.  Since I am all about knitting, the garland will make a fitting addition to our tree.
  • I will knit a Gingerbread Man to insert in each Pointsettia plant that we take to holiday parties and dinners.
The winners have been selected and sent private messages. I'll announce them once I've heard back from all 3. Check your inboxes and thanks to everyone for participating! Hope you had a very happy 2010 holiday season.

I knit socks for my family and knit a "little sock" to match to go on the Christmas tree.


That's a great idea, Becky!  I always have yarn left over after knitting socks; and after I give them away, I forget that I made them.  I'd love to have little ones to hang on the tree.

That is a cute idea to make the mini socks. I've crocheted a couple pair of adult socks and have yarn left over. Making a mini one to go with the gift to put on the tree is a wonderful way to use up that little bit of yarn. I could even decorate them with a little glitter glue.

I would use this as tree ornaments, with my kids name and the year (we buy a special ornament each christmas from a craft faire, or someone makes for us, sometimes kids have made them). Another idea i thought of is using them on baked goods,with twine, as a gift tag. The other idea i had is to use them on hostess gift packages during the season, when were invited to a friend/ families home. My last idea, is to get a shadowbox, place pieces inside, and showcase my knitting or give as a great gift. Good luck to all!

I would like to crochet the light strand and send them to my young adult kids to get them in the spirit. Like a care package.

I can just see a row of these cuties strung side by side, garland like, and hanging along the mantle of my fireplace, over the top of our Christmas Stockings. I can't wait to start decorating!


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