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I make ornaments every year for all the children in my son & daughter's classes. (They are in 3rd & 4th grades this year). I am trying to come up with an idea that will be quick & affordable. Does anyone has any suggestions? Thanks.

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How about some knitted sweets, embellished with sequins/beads and tying the ends with ribbon (I am talking wrapped sweets here), or candy canes - you could twist red and white icords. Or little gingerbread men/hearts. Heather
How about making mini-sweaters? If you google "jambs" a pattern should come up for key jambs which bascially are little sweaters made from sock yarn. I think it comes from Berrocco. I actually use them for keys but they are very sweet and you can use up sock yarn (or buy more!). HTH
Robin, I did a quick search and after sifting through the door jambs, found the berrocco pattern. What a great idea for around keys. Hadn't thought of that. WIll definitely try this pattern. Thanks.
Last year's Holiday ornament pattern booklet had scads of really cute ornaments. The 'candy' looked much faster a knit than the little sweaters, but there were other really cute items in the mix. Check out the KP pattern section.
Marta's correct. Lots of good patterns in there. Click here. Then there is also the Christmas Pickle. But I really think Grumpy, the Lump of Coal would be great for that age. Or there is a really cute strawberry pattern over on Ravelry. Here's my version:

I agree that there were lots of cute patterns in the holiday ornament booklet. I loved the little sweaters and made several putting the name of the recipient on the front. Especially liked these for grandkids!!.
CHeryl, I love your strawberry. How cute is that!!!
I did mine with City Tweed. It's a great stash buster if you make lots of them.
I've made a few that were really cute! They were some mini sweaters and stockings.
Those are cute, too, Laura.
Thanks for all of the great suggestions! I really appreciate all the help. Now that I have some great ideas my only problem will be deciding what to do! I may just try them all and make a variety this year. Thanks again.
I think amigarumi animals would be so cute.
They are cute, aren't they? I love them.


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