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By December 24, this thread will be the most beautiful collection of knitted items ever gathered.

I'm so excited at the thought of getting to finish an item and then get lots of oohs and ahhhs from people before I even wrap it. I'm even MORE excited to see what other people finish to give away!

I'll start us off, many of you have seen this one already--I finished a toilet paper cozy for my little brother and his new bride. It's a spicy tuna roll.

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ok here we go, finally some things are completed. The first are some stitch markers for my swap partner on ravelry since I read in her profile that she likes to bead as well

Next is my sisters scarf/hood. It is this pattern

and a close up
Now a baby hat for baby shower. Technically it isn't finished since I need the ribbon to put through the eyelets on top. Sorry so blurry

Cowl #1

Cowl # 2

sorry the close up is first. I put it in after the first scarf pic. go figure. Also the scarf is not finished, meant to put it in another forumn. oopsy.

I like your stitch marker idea... I may do some of those for myself!  Cheap beads + jewelry wire = awesome place markers!

actually they weren't cheap beads. Swarvorski crystals are expensive and the smaller one is some kind of gemstone that I have forgotten its name. I used a size 9 knitting needle to wrap the wire around.

I found the cute little Mohawk Madness Jack-o-Lantern Hat over on Ravelry, and knew I had to knit this for my two grandsons. There are several versions of the pattern, but I chose this one because it has instructions for sizes from Baby up to Adult. I added my own little touch, and just put the finishing toughes (Wensleydale Locks) on the hats today.

those are so incredibly cute!

Thanks, I hope the boys like them.. they are a bit different... I took a bic of them together... LOL.. by request of course.


oh yeah, they'll go nuts over them!

I sure hope so!

one more gift down. yeah. The first one took nearly 8 days, while the second a day and a half. They need a good blocking.

those are just gorgeous, Angel!  Did you use fingering weight yarn ?

Angel, these are wonderful. I love the colors. Let us know what pattern and yarn you used :)

The yarn is classic elite fresco, which is sport wt. The pattern is wintry mitts.


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