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By December 24, this thread will be the most beautiful collection of knitted items ever gathered.

I'm so excited at the thought of getting to finish an item and then get lots of oohs and ahhhs from people before I even wrap it. I'm even MORE excited to see what other people finish to give away!

I'll start us off, many of you have seen this one already--I finished a toilet paper cozy for my little brother and his new bride. It's a spicy tuna roll.

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Two more finished projects!
Amy, Both look wonderful - so soft and comfy looking! --S
Great job, Amy. You are much further along on your holiday knitting than I am. I think it will be all IOUs. Thank goodness KP came up with some cute ones.
Another gift DONE! yaaay! Finished the second Turn a Square beanie designed by Jared Flood. This one for a friend in Sweden. I'm washing it tomorrow and then can get some photos. It's a softer color combination than the black/Noro 84 version, lots of blues, and a little green against a medium denim blue. I am also within 10% of finishing the Lotorp Origami Bag designed by Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton. It's gone very quickly and looks great! Back with the proof in a couple of days!
We can't wait to see the pictures! We love to look at the finished projects! --S
We await the pictures.
OK, Susan and Cheryl..... do you knit in front of your computers? hahaha You two are always responding and I can't figure out how you get your knitting done too! haha You're the best! I do want to wash the hat before photographs, but I'll get things moving quickly to satisfy your 'progress photo lust'! I know what you mean. It's such fun to see all the projects popping up on this thread!
Not always, but sometimes I do... like this morning I am knitting a baby hat, drinking my second cup of tea, and responding to a few comments. This may not sound comfortable to those knitters who can lay in bed and knit, but I have some back issues, and as long as I'm sitting up straight, I am fine.

I love to see how each person does the "same" pattern, too. There is always a little interpretation that goes along with knitting - and when you factor in different types and colors of yarn, it gets very interesting.
Susan manages to get a lot of knitting done. I, on the other hand, don't get nearly as much done since I discovered this wonderful community. But, yes, my computer and knitting are always next to me.
I couldn't figure any other way.... Sometimes I knit in my office while listening to podcasts, but mostly I'd rather be in my comfy chair with the good light. The second hat is washed and drying now. I'm working on the shoulder strap for the Origami bag... I'll have to seam it before you can tell what it is! Once I finish the bag, there are only 4 things left to do that are 'must knits'. I can't believe it! It does take a lot of pressure off my holiday season! And it's always good to know you all are out there taking care of us!
Finally the sun is shining so I could do some photography today! Here are the finished products...

This is the Turn a Square hat going to Sweden. I love the colors--New Denim Wool Merino with Noro Silk Garden 87...

Now---Talk about 'goofy' hats! haha The pattern is really my own mash-up aimed at using some yarn from the stash. For one of the twin granddaughters... KP Comfy Bulky in Flamingo with a bottom border of Patons Pooch in Spring Blush. The i-cord bit at the top I blame on Alison! hahaha It didn't seem right to just finish it flat!

I've put some progress photos on the other thread...
These are wonderful! --S


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