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Ya know when you finish something but then look at your list and that something wasn't on your list, so you don't get to check anything off? Or am I the only one that hates that? Well, anyway, that won't happen with gift knitting this year. If you are knitting a gift that isn't for Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa get some extra closure by telling us about it here.

I posted two kitchen towels that I finished on the blog a few days ago. Those were for a bridal shower.

I also promised my mom that I would knit her a lace scarf for her birthday. Her birthday is August 7, so she's getting the promise for her birthday. I'm traveling quite a bit in Sept, so I'm hoping to finish it by the end of the month. I've picked the yarn, Shimmer Lace in Sherry. Alison helped me wind it on the Swift and Ball Winder (my first time--fun!). I'll post when I determine a pattern and cast on. It'll be my first lace project.

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Well, Marci, haven't you already gotten your feet wet in lace with the Montavilla Market Tote? I'm very proud of you for branching out further.
I just bought some stroll sock yarn in the new color, sprinkle heather to make socks for Christmas.

Then I realized that I need to make a present for my granddaughters birthday, and that the color I bought is perfect for her. So now here Christmas present will become a birthday socks!

I'm nearing the toe on the first sock. There will eventually be 4 pairs in the set.

You thought up this thread just for me, didn't you?
I am glad for this thread. I had some projects that were for birthdays and some for new babies. Scarves for birthdays and baby blankest for grand neices and nephews
I have a baby blanket to make my cousins wife due in June. She is also making one or two for the baby so I may need to make something else for her baby instead.


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