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I was wondering if anybody had any ideas of what I could make for very little $$$$ and very little time as holiday gifts for my teenage friends. Lace is good, small stuff is good, and it MUST MUST MUST use natural fibers for softness.


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totally agree with this fingerless mitts are awesome especially while typing (i could use some *right now* actually...i have a pair upstairs, off the fetch them!)
how about wristlets like buttony chevron cuff , lacy wristlet or skullys!
There are loads of free patterns on Ravelry to give you some ideas.
Good luck!
Amigurumi, for sure. I'm making penguins for my (19 and 21 y.o.) roommates. You can use any fiber you like; I ordered Wool of the Andes in Black, White, and Caution (a darker yellow than just yellow). Still waiting for my yarn to arrive, but they should crochet (or knit) up very quickly.
Oh, I think KP's new little cutie Grumpy, the Lump of Coal Pattern would make a great hit with teenagers. Quick, easy and very inexpensive to make.

Of course, you did have someone wanted to know where you bought those beautiful Merletto Mitts. You could go with a less expensive yarn.
Ipod covers, cell phone covers - can be lace, can be felted, you can even add embroidery or beads if you're inclined that way. Also, it's easy to make a guitar strap, either felted or just tightly knitted.
Ipod cozies, bracelets, cat toys..I'll keep thinking
You mentioned you liked lace, I am knitting springtime bandit - a free ravelry download. It is a small, triangular lace shawl. It is a quick knit, easy to follow. I adjusted and used a skein of KP shimmer and size 9 needles and it is really turning out nicely. I know there are several other small shawl patterns that use oneskein of sock yarn on ravelry.
I have been making soap sacks and will add a nice bar of soap to go along with it. They knit up fast, I use cotton yarn. I also made some spa sets by adding a washcloth and backscrubber but just the soap sacks would be wonderful gifts, I am making some for my 2 teenage granddaughters. Hope this helps.
There are a number of gorgeous patterns for bookmarks. Just do a search in Ravelry or just google for it. All of the other comments so far are also great suggestions.
Thanks Marta,
I was looking for some ideas too. I looked up bookmarks on ravelry and found so many i want to make now!
What about hair scrungies? I sometimes add beads to jazz them up. They're a fav with my 14-year-old.
I knit hats and cowls for my sisters last year, they were fast, cute, and didn't use much yarn.

I think this lacy hat is cute- and I've been meaning to try this cowl for over a year now-

I also second Kate's vote for fingerless gloves. They're cute and practical!


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