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OK, we're into January and while we all want to take a breath, I think it's time to get started all over again! Anyone else feel this way? I have the first pair of socks started. It feels snotty great to be able to say, when someone asks, "It's a Christmas gift for 2010." Who else is with me?

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Naomi....your project sounds adorable!
It is turning out so cute! I have the head and body done and am working on the arms now. My daughter came home last night and squealed with glee when she saw the head on the body! lol
We can't wait to squeal also!
I just finished embroidering the face on! I'll be taking pics tomorrow to post. Of course the daughter already has it in her grasp but she has sworn to relinquish hold long enough for me to take pictures when the sun comes up. One would think she were still 6 instead of 16!
Can't wait to squeal!
Here it is!

Cute, cute, cute!!! Isn't it great making a toy for an older kid?
It was so much fun and she got so excited about it. More even than she would have when she was younger. It's great to feel so appreciated!
I know what you mean. I made a Mr. Foster for my at- the - time 18 year old. She loves that little guy, and has taken him almost everywhere. (I think there are more pictures of him than of my DD - lol).
OH MY! How ADORABLE is THAT??!!! Very nice!
Like you sure is nice when the item you give is appreciated. I can't tell you how nice it feels when I knit my son a pair of socks...and he lights up and says "You made these for ME??!! Thanks Mom, I love them!"
That is so, so adorable! Love that colorway... used it for a pair of socks for one of my DGDs... she loves them too.
I told her while I was knitting it that it would make a nice pair of socks lol. I really love the colorway too.


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