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Have a felted finished object? Let's see them!

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Christmas Felted Trees.

Cool! Hope you don't mind my reposting your photo here, so everyone can see:


Aren't they cute?

I think cuter than cute!

Wow! This discussion has been quiet for a while! Just felted another project, though, and had to share:

I used Wool of the Andes Worsted in "Coal" and KP Peruvian Highland Wool Roving in "Bare" for this iPhone Cozy. I needle-felted the Apple logo after felting. Here's how I did it, in case anyone needs one of these:

Uses partial skein. Scraps will work, about 20 g, depending on length of strap. 
I used two circular needles, but dpns would work, or knit flat and sew up afterwards. 
CO total of 30 sts and join, being careful not to twist. 
K until 4 1/2” from CO edge. 
Next rnd:

  1. Ssk, k to 2 sts from end, k2tog
  2. K all sts Repeat rnds 1. & 2. one more time. PU 4 sts on one side for I-cord strap. (Here I removed the cables from one pair of needle tips and just worked with the tips, knitting off the cable-attachment end with the pointed end.) Make I-cord until 34” or desired length. (I got 31 1/2” of cord after fulling for a 15” drop.) Place in a pillow case and wash in hot water with a little soap and a pair of old jeans or some tennis balls until desired size. (An iPhone is 4 1/5” high and 5.36” in diameter.) For the Apple logo I used some KP Peruvian Highland Wool Roving in “Bare.” A tiny amount is all you need. I made a stencil out of stencil plastic (found in quilting section of store), taped it onto the cozy in the right place and needle-felted the roving using a felting needle, and a sponge inside the cozy, until I was happy with it.

Maybe you should sell the pattern to Apple! You did a great job.

Thanks! I'm wondering if using the logo is copyright infringement...

I don't think I would want to sell it to Apple anyway. I wouldn't want to have a bunch of these made in a factory in China by young women who have to be locked in to stay and do their jobs.

As usual, it depends. It used to be you could capture a song off the radio and there was no infringement, but now with all the issues of downloading something for free off of the internet, there seems to be a problem. It used to be that you have to profit from it.

I hate when I see all these knit designers say you can't make and sell things from their pattern. I'm no expert in copyright law, but it is my understanding that the copyright is for the pattern, not for the item. I researched this once, and it is my personal opinion, not professional opinion, that if you want to limit sales of the product, it has to be patented, not copyrighted, and it would be difficult to patent a pattern as you have to prove it is either new or a substantial improvement.

I certainly understand and agree that there are the productions issues you mention.

I posted the instructions on my Ravelry page. I told how I made the logo, too, but didn't give the logo out, other than on my project.

You did fine!

On my project photo, I meant.


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