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Have a felted finished object? Let's see them!

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That's a good idea. A felted strap would be strong!
Very nice. I love those colors.
Here are some shots of the finished bag with lining and in use:

Ooh, that lining is perfect for it!
I didn't have enough of what I used for the iPad bag lining, so I picked out a couple of fat quarters from my fabric stash (plentiful, BTW) and asked DH's opinion. I declared the other one to be boring.
That looks really nice. Am definitely going to use your handle idea seeing as I am having so much trouble purchasing nice handles. Lovely!
I should have said "He" declared the other one to be boring!
Men are practical not fanciful!
He didn't like the blue background with the blue-green WotA. I have known forever that we see colors differently.
At my WSD guild yesterday I met a woman who had made her own felt and made it into a bag. I was bemoaning the fact that I Couldn't find any nice handles for the bags I had made. (I am now going to make some cord and felt it). She said she made her handles out of the fibre she had predyed like this: she took a long piece (obviously longer than the length of handle you need because it will be felted) of the roving/batting and got a Tupperware tub of hot water and then dip small lengths of it in the hot water, squeezed the excess water out and then just rolled it between her hands until it looked like a sausage and felted and then continued the process until the whole length had been done. This was left to dry, cut in half. Two holes cut either side of her bag and she pushed the now handle thru each hole from the inside and knotted it and then lined the bag. My goodness it looked really nice and fitting for a fabric bag! she said the rolling process took her about an hour in front of the tv! Well I am definately going to have a go at that one!!
Another lady had had a disaster with a sweater she had made and had felted it and made it into a bag - it looked great and that is another one I am going to do as I made a jumper that I am not happy with fit wise. Watch this space!!!
My, that would be a lot faster than knitting I-Cord!
Worth a try certainly.


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